Nirvana Crystal by Gypsy Willowmoon

Nirvana Quartz is a form of Quartz that was only discovered in 2006, when the Himalayan glaciers started melting, in northern India. The piece I have is from Kullu Region, India.

Colour - White, pink & lilac purple

Appearance - jagged and crevassed, almost looks like chunks of an ice.

Rare crystal - hard to get hold of.

A powerful spiritual - alchemy crystal.

Source - Himalayas. Found at an altitude of 18,000 ft

Most are wand shape and trigonic - one of the faces would have an upside-down triangle

Exceptionally high vibration crystal which is attuned to the white flame of pure consciousness. Which furthers spiritual illumination, opens the soul star chakra and grounds these energies into the earth.

Nirvana Quartz enables a shift into the enlightenment of inner nirvana - the bliss state of pure illumined mind combined with unconditional love of all that exists.

Nirvana Quartz feels like crystallised divine consciousness.

Holds wisdom that can cause profound shifts in awareness, and a rapid acceleration to accept your spiritual destiny as a universal being.

Removes any blocks to spiritual or psychological growth.

Awakens undreamed of and unformed potential - May provoke a healing crisis, as the soul sheds its karma.

creates a bridge to channel energy through a healer and another person.

Particularly useful for spirit release work.

combine with Ice Quartz

Pink Nirvana Quartz is attuned to the divine feminine and Goddess energy, opening the higher heart to an influx of divine love and reminding you that all is love.

Can dissolve inner emotional wounds and encourages acceptance of self.

White or Purple Nirvana Quartz is attuned to the divine masculine and assists in joining our inner male and female to move beyond gender into pure spirit.

You may feel Nirvana Quartz's energy in the higher chakras especially the third eye, crown and souls star chakras.

Also known as Lemurian Scalar, Himalayan Ice Quartz and Growth Interference Quartz, so called, because of the other crystals growing with them

such as calcite, fluorite and anhydrite - which later slip away causing the strange shapes and indentations in the Nirvana Quartz.

Some have smooth sections, some have beautifully clear windows.

Many have the hexagonal structure of quartz, but again, some to do not.

Brilliant to work with for meditation - making it easier to focus, allowing you to embrace the state of complete inner silence.

Helps you to gain an awareness of your spiritual destiny, aids you in confirming, trusting and accepting your soul’s self.

Working with one white or purple(masculine) and one pink (feminine) will help you fully discover their power. The combination of the two is highly beneficial.

Great for working with the higher realms and spirit guides.

You may experience heightened intuition.

An interesting thing may occur after working with Nirvana Quartz a few times, you may feel a movement of energy in your brain. Similar to Golden Herderite - which opens up new channels in the brain.



Judy Hall - Crystal Bible 2 (inc. image)

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