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Musings of a Village Witch - March

  1. Early March brings more rain with flooding. Our earth is saturated and large muddy pools litter the roads and countryside. But Nature is persevering – she colours the hedgerows with shades of green – grasses, nettles, dock, dandelions, cow parsley – all flourishing and shiny and new! The trees and shrubs are decorated with blossom, tiny and fragile. Daffodils continue to brighten us with their varying hues of yellow and can be seen from garden to hedgerow and roadside. I’ve seen Calendine and wild violets and red and white deadnettles on my walks.

  2. Mid March brings brisk winds – seagulls soar in the spring air, the blue skies interspersed with fluffy white clouds tinged with grey. Temperatures are slightly warmer in the day this week which brings a slight feeling of positive energy – something that we need at the moment with the virus that is headline news around our globe.

  3. March 16th - today is sunny and quite warm. I felt the need to get out in my garden and get my hands in the soil to connect with Mother Earth. Birdsong can be heard all around as they too embrace the warmer dry weather. Bits of twigs, feathers, fluff and sticks around one spot in my garden indicates that nest building has started in the eaves of where I live. A later walk around the village and to breath in the fresh air and to relish the quietness and peacefulness around is indeed very much a tonic.

Daisy Spell for Purity

It’s the month for really sorting the ‘wheat from the chaff’ as they say.. Thoughts as the spring really takes hold is having a spring clean – indoors, in the garden and within ourselves. Energies may have become stale – time to blow the cobwebs away – let go of what no longer serves you and feel refreshed with purity of mind and body and a renewed energy! Let’s do it!

You will need:

A few fresh daisies or a daisy picture

White or clear crystals – I used white howlite, snowy quartz, clear quartz and I added rose quartz

I added rosemary and bay for their purity and cleansing properties

White candle

Light your candle and focus on the flame. Fill your mind with the image of white – think of white things that make you feel good – crisp white bedsheets, freshly laid snow, icing on a favourite cake. A plain sheet of paper just waiting for those goals and ideas for the year ahead to be jotted down. A blank canvas ready to be painted with colour and inspiration...

As you focus, send your intent to clear away what no longer serves and then to bring in fresh, clean and pure energies.

Let the candle burn down if possible.

Dandelion Flower Muscle Rub

Dandelions are one of the first flowers that springtime brings for the bees. I tend to leave them be and let them do their thing – besides the lovely yellow colour does brighten up a dull day!

This Muscle Rub from The Hedgerow Apothecary book by Christine Iverson says to forage the flowers on a dry day away from dog walking routes and busy routes. I also made sure that I only foraged a few, to leave plenty for nature, so only needed a small jar for making mine.

You will need:

Enough dandelion heads to fill a clean dry jam jar or similar

Carrier oil of your choice. I like to use peach kernel oil but almond oil or even olive oil will work well too.


Fill your jar with the flower heads.

Slowly pour in your oil making sure that it fills all the gaps between the flowers and there are no air bubbles.

Cover with a piece of cotton cloth securely with string and place on a sunny windowsill for two weeks or until the oil has turned golden yellow.

Strain, making sure that you squeeze every last drop out of all the flowers.

Pour into a clean, dry bottle and use as often as needed.

Dandelion Magical and Healing Properties

Our humble dandelion is unfortunately considered to be a pest for gardeners. It has a long tap root, which means it isn’t easy to pull up and once the flowers give way to the beautiful dandelion ‘clocks’, it is then that they scatter their seeds far and wide and settle to grow again in another place. They also grow quite prolifically from springtime to autumn.

Magically, the dandelion can be worked with for all sorts of things – the seeds can be used in wishing spells and love spells. Some people fill a pretty jar with the seeds and they are kept as wishing jars, which sounds rather lovely. The dried flower heads also have magical properties too – they are very useful in incense blends to promote psychic powers. A tea made from the dried flowers is good to drink before any divination work too! Adding 1 teaspoon of dried clover flowers, ¼ teaspoon of dried sage, a cinnamon stick and a teaspoon of honey will ensure that it will taste quite nice as well as giving it that extra oomph with the magical properties of the other ingredients.

The above oil recipe can also be used to rub on your pulse points and temples to increase your psychic connection before any divination.

All parts of the dandelion can be used for their healing properties. The leaves contain a wealth of vitamins and well as minerals including iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. The root is beneficial for the friendly bacteria that lives in our gut. All of the plant contains strong antioxident properties which can prevent aging and warding off certain diseases.

The tea can be used as a detox to clear a sluggish system as well as a diuretic. Hence where the saying comes from, that if you pick dandelions, you will wet the bed! It may also help with premenstrual bloating and water retention.

Summary of Dandelion Magical Properties

Wishes, divination, love, abundance, psychic powers

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Sign: Taurus

Element: Air

Gender: Masculine

Dandelion Magical Properties from ‘A Kitchen Witches World of Magical Plants & Herbs’ by Rachel Patterson

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