Musings of a Village Witch by Ness

November 1st - Samhain Blessings to you all. The beginning of another month and the weather has turned. It is raining, windy and positively gloomy today. The evenings are drawing in and at 4.40pm here in the UK, it is starting to get dark.

November 8th - Cloudy and damp days interspersed with sunshine. It is very mild for November and some of the flowers in my garden have bloomed again. I tell them it is time for sleep but Mother Nature and the warm sunshine tells them otherwise.

Leaves hang by their fingertips to the branches – those that don’t want to let go yet! Below a crisp carpet of yellows and browns awaits.

November 11th - Cooler days... That dampness to the air. Leaves now litter pavements, roads, footways and fields. The reds and oranges of late last month are turning to brown as they decay on the cold damp earth. The nights continue to draw in – thoughts of soups, stews and filling winter warming puddings come to mind. Clothes of summer are packed away in drawers and wardrobes. The jumpers, boots and scarves have surfaced and the trees are looking bare.

November 18th- It still feels mild at times and its strange to see some summer plants still in bloom. I walked around the shore and really tuned in to the energy around me. I breathed in deep and focused – almost in a meditative state. Although the air is mild, there is a stillness and a quietness from within the earth. It is starting to rest and prepare for the season ahead.

Crystal Grid for Sleep

Although I walk my dog twice a day generally and try to keep as active as I can in these strange times, I struggle to get a good night's sleep. I don’t have any problem getting to sleep – I put my head on the pillow and I’m out but its staying asleep that’s the issue. I decided to try and get a little help from my crystals and made a grid to put beside my bed. I also have a small lavender bag hanging from my bed frame.

I used the following crystals: