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Mirror Magic Spell by Wren Riversong

Taken from another one of our lovely students homework..

The mirror spell that I’ve worked on was to create a mirror charm that would boost my self-esteem whenever I feel the need. The finished charm is a little handbag sized mirror so it can be carried with me, wherever I have my bag.

You will need:

· Small handbag-sized mirror

· Orange essential oil

· Cotton bud or small artist’s paintbrush

· Incense that contains any of the healing herbs, for example mugwort, rose, rosemary or eucalyptus

· A match or lighter

· Charcoal disc and heat-proof dish

Clean the mirror thoroughly to remove any old energies attached to it.

Ground and centre and call on the help of one of the mirror deities, such as Isis or Aphrodite and any animal spirits you feel drawn to. For me I felt drawn to a beautiful bird of paradise.

Light the incense.

Dip the brush or cotton bud into the orange oil.

Hold the mirror in your hand and look into its depths. See yourself clearly as you are and how you want to be seen. Visualise in your mind a time when you were confident, self-assured and poised. See this image of yourself firmly in the mirror’s surface.

Breathe over the mirror’s glass so that it becomes fogged.

Draw a symbol with the orange oil onto the surface with the tool you have chosen. You might wish to draw a heart; your initials or whatever symbols feel right.

Pass your mirror through the smoke from your incense to seal your intention.

Thank deity and any animal spirits you have invoked to help you.

Put the mirror onto your altar for as long as you feel is necessary and then keep it in your handbag for whenever you need a boost to your self-esteem or courage. When this occurs, hold the mirror in your hands and look deep into the glass, seeing the beautiful person you are.

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