Meet the Kitchen Witch Bloggers

We have a fantastic team here at Kitchen Witch who regularly write blogs to share out in the big 'ole wide web...

Merry meet, I'm Sue Perryman, or Unity in the forum. I joined Kitchen Witch in 2013 and having worked through the 3 levels I was honoured to become a Hearth Guardian and a High Priestess in 2016. I love all areas of the craft and find it difficult to narrow it down to favourites, but they include working with herbs, plants, crystals and divination.

Gypsy Willowmoon (Berni Anderson) I am a busy Mum of 5, I love running, Kundalini Yoga, nature and magic! I have been on this pathway since I was 15/16 I have been a student with KitchenWitch for nearly 4 years now, I am working my way through the 3 degree's  - Just coming to the end of my 3rd and working through the High Priestess Pathway. I absolutely love being a Hearth Guardian, supporting the students and making new friends. I love all aspects of the Craft with a special place in my heart for Ritual planning, Spell writing, Hedgeriding, Hoodoo, Crystals, Healing -  I am a Reiki Master Teacher, who holds free Distant Reiki sessions on the school forum once a month.

** Star ** Having wandered through the three levels of lessons & still retaining the title of longest homework ever (bragging rights) I am grateful to have earned my HP badge & landed the role of a Hearth Guardian. You can find me mostly observing, looking after our warrior branch lesson while promoting magical wellbeing and worshipping the Greek Parthenon ~ I am a Hellenic Witch. I could talk for hours about what I do & adore about my path, but I was told to keep it "short" *snicker* SO... Χαίρω πολύ "he’-ro po-lee" Nice to meet you!

StormloverWolf (Stacey Mantle) I joined KW back in January 2013, progressed all through the three degrees, then received the honor of H