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Meet the Kitchen Witch Bloggers

We have a fantastic team here at Kitchen Witch who regularly write blogs to share out in the big 'ole wide web...

Merry meet, I'm Sue Perryman, or Unity in the forum. I joined Kitchen Witch in 2013 and having worked through the 3 levels I was honoured to become a Hearth Guardian and a High Priestess in 2016. I love all areas of the craft and find it difficult to narrow it down to favourites, but they include working with herbs, plants, crystals and divination.

Gypsy Willowmoon (Berni Anderson) I am a busy Mum of 5, I love running, Kundalini Yoga, nature and magic! I have been on this pathway since I was 15/16 I have been a student with KitchenWitch for nearly 4 years now, I am working my way through the 3 degree's  - Just coming to the end of my 3rd and working through the High Priestess Pathway. I absolutely love being a Hearth Guardian, supporting the students and making new friends. I love all aspects of the Craft with a special place in my heart for Ritual planning, Spell writing, Hedgeriding, Hoodoo, Crystals, Healing -  I am a Reiki Master Teacher, who holds free Distant Reiki sessions on the school forum once a month.

** Star ** Having wandered through the three levels of lessons & still retaining the title of longest homework ever (bragging rights) I am grateful to have earned my HP badge & landed the role of a Hearth Guardian. You can find me mostly observing, looking after our warrior branch lesson while promoting magical wellbeing and worshipping the Greek Parthenon ~ I am a Hellenic Witch. I could talk for hours about what I do & adore about my path, but I was told to keep it "short" *snicker* SO... Χαίρω πολύ "he’-ro po-lee" Nice to meet you!

StormloverWolf (Stacey Mantle) I joined KW back in January 2013, progressed all through the three degrees, then received the honor of High Priestess, Hearth Guardian and now Crone as well.  You are all still just babies to me! The craft entered my life about 25 years ago, and I never looked back.  I love doing research for the blog and am working on another Branch Lesson.  I love working with candles, herbs, crystals and the Runes.  I love doing my Kundalini Yoga and trying to set even a few minutes each day to meditate.  From April through October you can always find me out in my yards!  That is where my true heart is, my passion.

Autumn Ravenflower (Vanessa Armstrong or just Ness)

I joined Kitchen Witch in 2012 and have progressed through the three degrees and have recently had the honour of being given my High Priestess title. As well as being a Hearth Guardian, I also look after the Crystal Healing branch class that is on the forum and am part of the offline ritual writing team. I love all aspects of the craft but am particularly drawn to the runes, crystals and animal magic.

Heather I joined KW three years ago and have re-found myself! I am working on my third degree and on the High Priestess pathway. I am a Reiki Master, a mum to two grown children and love being challenged by the lessons and activities in our school. For me magic is in everything, if we only believe, intend it to be and keep it simple. Merry Meet

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