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Magical Uses of Eyebright by Heather

Official name Euphrasia officinalis

Eyebright is an annual herb that is common to dry fields and pasture lands in Britain and the USA.

The name Euphrasia is taken from the name of one of the three Greek Charities, Euphrosyne, meaning gladness and joy. According to legend, the linnet, a bird whose Greek name comes from the same root, first used this plant to clear the sight of its young and then passed the knowledge on to mankind.

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun

Element: Air

Folk Names: Euphrosyne, Augentrostkraut, Euphrasiae herba, Herba, Euphrasiae and Herbe d’Euphraise.

Parts Used: Arial Parts

Eye bright has been used for hundreds of years, but wasn’t referred to in texts until 1305 CE, when it was assigned the sign Leo by Nicholas Culpeper. In the Elizabeth era it was used in ales and wine, as it was believed to add cheer to one’s spirit.

Eyebright made up in an infusion, can be dabbed on the eyelids aid in clairvoyance. When used this way during the day some say it can make what is usually unseen, visible. When used at night it can help to induce prophetic dreams.

Use dried in spells and mojo bags for truth when you need to see things clearly and remove deception from a situation. Eyebright can also be used in spells which allow you to see a situation ina more positive way.

Add eyebright to a mojo bag with peppermint or rosemary to boost memory while studying or to find something that has been lost.

Use eyebright to enhance divination, add a sprinkle of the herb to a scrying bowl or mirror. It can also be used to see the fae.

Burning eyebright in an incense may also aid in clairvoyance, would be good to use during any celebrations as its name means gladness and joy.

Sources and further reading –

The Secret Craft of the Wise Magical Herbalism by Scott Cunninham

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