Magical Rainbow Fudge by Gypsy WillowMoon

The girls and I made this last week- They loved it!


1 tin condensed milk - We used a 375g tin

400g white chocolate, chopped.

Food colourings of your choice

Sprinkles of your choice.


In a pan NOT a ban Marie! Melt chocolate and condensed milk until fully combined.

Separate chocolate into as many different bowls, as you have food colouring.

Add the food colouring bit by bit, until you have the colour you desire.

Layer each layer of fudge into a small square cake tin, cover with sprinkles & place in the fridge over night.

You can add your intent and work with colour magic to make this a magical fudge too.

Magical properties :

Condensed milk - Feminine power, goddess energy, moon magic, nurturing, offerings, love, spirituality and the far.

Ruling planet - Moon,

Element - Water,

Gender - Feminine

Chocolate - Prosperity, positive energy, happiness and love.

Ruling planet - Mars,

Element - Fire,

Gender - Feminine

~ Gypsy

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