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Magical Gratitude by Heather

August for me is a month of harvesting and abundance! Whether from your garden, windowsill, allotment or foraging, Mother Nature is bestowing her gifts for us to enjoy now, as well to store for surviving through the colder months.

I have always loved jam and chutney making, see blog posts (there are others too).

However, this month is also a big reminder for me to be grateful, to give thanks for all that Mother Earth provides for us. It is my practice, related to this, that I would like to share with you this month, it is simple, and I’ve found has been much appreciated.

Fill a jar or bottle (with a lid) with water, spring water if possible, or boiled and cooled tap water. Ground and centre yourself.

Hold the jar/bottle between your hands, take a few deep breaths.

Visualise energy from the earth coming up through your feet, rising up to your centre, then sky energy entering through your crown down to meet and swirl together with earth energy. Aloud or silently, say to this pulsating orb all that you are grateful and thankful for being given.

When you feel it is time, visualize the orb sending your gratitude energy down your arms and into the water. Do this until you feel the water is full.

Then see the energies going back to the sky and earth.

If you still feel your orb has more, put your container down, hold your hands facing a few inches apart and visualise a ball of energy forming, fill this with your remaining gratitude energy, then throw it up into the sky to be released wherever it is needed. Let wherever you use your water your intention is to say thank you, then drizzle it on your garden, your houseplants, or when out for a walk, sprinkle it around the trees and wild flowers.

When you feel ready, you can even use this visualisation with your watering cans around the garden, as the energy from the sky and earth will move with you, until you release the connection.

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