Luna Goddess Circle - October by Gypsy Willowmoon

Hey Guys!

Its Gypsy, back with more tales of my Luna Goddess Circle...

October is a month of remembrance and gratitude for Witches - The year comes to an end, we look back,thankful for what we have learned and worked through in the past year.

We make time to honour our ancestors, perhaps with a ritual, dumb supper or simply by lighting a candle for them and remembering them.

Our ritual was focused on our ancestors and celebrating their memories.  I asked everyone to bring a photo of an ancestor(s) that they would like to remember and some memories or tales to share about them if they wished, as well as the usual food dish to share.

I had prepared the garden for circle earlier in the day, altar and circle stones were all set up and ready to go, I also set the wood ready in the fire pit. I had decorated the garden table in fallen apples from our apple trees, as well as adding some to the altar -  Then I just had to wait for everyone to arrive.

Everyone began to arrive around 7:30pm with their photos and memories to share.

We began the night by sitting around the fire,until everyone had arrived - We drummed for about 10 minutes to help us relax and connect to the energies of the evening. Then I led everyone, drumming into circle to take our places.

Everyone placed the photos of their ancestors on the altar, along with roses and apples -  It was a beautiful sight, with everyone's memories.

I cast circle and called on the deities we were working with, during the ritual I spoke about what this time of year meant to our ancestors and how would have lived and survived in their time.

During this portion of the ritual, I asked everyone to pick an apple from the pile (from our garden apple trees) and if they chose they could share some tales of their ancestor(S) before throwing the apple onto the fire. It was a very emotional and moving part of ritual, that I was very honoured to take part in.

After we had finished sharing we shared some chocolate chip loaf cake and mead, before releasing deity and closing circle.

Then we headed inside for our feast, which consisted of :

Jerk chicken, Curried goat, rice and peas, Stew and dumplings, Cake  -  of course!

I was approached by some of the ladies and asked if their daughters could attend, as they were really interested...

I decided to allow them to join us as, my girls who are 7, 9 and nearly 11 all join me in circle -  As long as the parents were ok with it, it is fine with me.

)O( Gypsy Willowmoon Xx

Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash

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