Luna Goddess Circle by Gypsy Willowmoon

Hey Guys - It's Gypsy!

As most of you probably know - I am one of our fantastic team of Hearth Guardians, here at KW Head Quarters.

I wanted to share with you what I have been organising over the last couple of months. Primarily, I am a Solitary Witch - As there were no other Pagans living near me, when I began practising.

I was feeling a little disconnected from my path, I was hoping to make some new friendships and reconnect with myself over Autumn and Winter.

I spoke to my hubby and sons, who suggested that I," Do something about it then...." The idea of Luna Goddess Circle began...

I wrote a status on my Reiki FB page - Gypsy Reiki Willowmoon - for those who may be interested, letting people know that I would be hosting a Full Moon ritual, fire and meditation from 8 -10 pm, on the Friday closest to Full Moon. I asked people to comment, or to PM me if they were interested in joining me.

All I asked was that people would bring a food dish to share with each other after ritual, also to bring a drum, if they had one.

I had 18 responses from clients and other friends, who were interested in joining me - Which was very exciting!

I then began to plan the meet up...

I already hold circle in my garden with my children, and some family members, so there is already a space marked out for us to work with.

Fire Wood - We asked friends and neighbours for wood that they would take to the tip or no longer wanted, we ended up with LOT of wood!

My Hubby built a new fire pit.

Food - As September was cold, I decided to make chilli con carne and rice, the perfect opportunity to make use of my slow cooker.

I have a book filled with my own rituals, I decided to keep the first Circle simple as I wasn't sure on people’s experience.

Meditation - I chose a simple chakra balancing meditation, that wouldn't take too long, in the cold!

Time frame 8-10 pm

I set up a secret closed FB group, inviting all who had expressed an interest in joining me. I added some information about myself and what I wanted to achieve with the group - I made it VERY clear that I wasn't looking to recruit a Coven! As I am already a member of the Kitchen Witch Coven.

On the Night -

I cleaned and cleared the garden, set up the gazebo to be warm and cosy, lit the fire and arranged the lighting in the garden.

I set up my altar in the centre of the Circle space.

I checked on my Chilli, then made the rice.

I brought my drums down from the house into the garden, then I began to prepare my mulled apple juice.

recipe -

1 carton Apple and Ginger pressed juice,

2 cartons Apple juice,

5 sticks of cinnamon,

2 big oranges, sliced

1 lemon, sliced

allow to simmer for 10-15 mins, strain and serve.

Tastes like Yule in a cup!

I smudged the house from top to bottom to clear the energy, people began to arrive around 7.45 pm.

There were 11 of us in total, everyone introduced themselves around the fire - I thought it would be fun to break the ice with some drumming, people were a bit nervous at first, but eager to join in - Ice broken, I drummed us all into Circle, with everyone stopping in their chosen place.

I asked for volunteers to help call the elements, thankfully people were happy to have a go Wink

I cast circle, then people called their chosen element in turn, I called the Goddess and the God we were working with, to join us.

Everyone then made themselves comfy, before I talked everyone through a chakra balancing meditation.

We worked a releasing ritual - I asked everyone to think of something that they wanted to release from their lives, whether that be a person, situation, thoughts, bad habits, job or relationship. Next, they wrote it out on a slip of paper, and released it into the fire - releasing it to the universe.

Sitting back down we took another slip of paper and wrote something we wanted to replace it with - Nature abhors a vacuum! This piece of paper they carried with them until New Moon.

I video called a friend whom was unable to join us - which she greatly appreciated.

We then passed around the mulled apple juice and some cake, of course - May you never hunger, may you never thirst!

Then I closed Circle, we sat around the fire and enjoyed the food that we had all made to share, chatting and laughing away.

I was so pleased that it had gone well! People were asking about the date of the next one as they were leaving - Which we arranged for October 23rd.

It is now a monthly Luna Goddess Meet up, with people contributing their own written pieces for calling the elements and meditations.

)O( Gypsy Willowmoon Xx

Photo by James Owen on Unsplash

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