Luna Goddess Circle by Gypsy Willowmoon

Hey Guys - It's Gypsy!

As most of you probably know - I am one of our fantastic team of Hearth Guardians, here at KW Head Quarters.

I wanted to share with you what I have been organising over the last couple of months. Primarily, I am a Solitary Witch - As there were no other Pagans living near me, when I began practising.

I was feeling a little disconnected from my path, I was hoping to make some new friendships and reconnect with myself over Autumn and Winter.

I spoke to my hubby and sons, who suggested that I," Do something about it then...." The idea of Luna Goddess Circle began...

I wrote a status on my Reiki FB page - Gypsy Reiki Willowmoon - for those who may be interested, letting people know that I would be hosting a Full Moon ritual, fire and meditation from 8 -10 pm, on the Friday closest to Full Moon. I asked people to comment, or to PM me if they were interested in joining me.

All I asked was that people would bring a food dish to share with each other after ritual, also to bring a drum, if they had one.

I had 18 responses from clients and other friends, who were interested in joining me - Which was very exciting!

I then began to plan the meet up...

I already hold circle in my garden with my children, and some family members, so there is already a space marked out for us to work with.

Fire Wood - We asked friends and neighbours for wood that they would take to the tip or no longer wanted, we ended up with LOT of wood!