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Larimar by Sue Perryman

Colour: blue, green – blue, grey, sometimes with red- brown Hematite inclusions

Element: Water, Fire

Chakra: Throat

Other names: The Dolphin stone, Blue Pectolite

This is one of my favourite crystals, it has a lovely peaceful, calm energy that alleviates stress, pain, fear and anger.

It is a sodium, calcium silicate mineral with a hardness of 4.5 - 5. Larimar is formed in the cavities within basalt lava, so while it is strongly associated with water and dolphins, it is born from volcano activity in the Caribbean which gives it the link with fire.

With its calm relaxing energy, Larimar is the perfect crystal for meditation, it can help in connecting with your intuition and aids communication with beings from other realms including angels.

While it is primarily known as a throat chakra stone, Larimar also works well with the heart, third eye and crown chakras.

It’s connection with the throat chakra makes it a good crystal for clear communication.

Larimar is a feminine crystal that helps all genders to connect with feminine energy such as intuition, it teaches you to love, nurture and respect yourself so it’s a good crystal to use in self-love spells.

The cleansing and healing energy of Larimar can be used to clear emotional wounds and remove all kinds of blockages. It is said to ease the frequency and strength of hot flushes and heal heart trauma.

A popular stone for use in Reflexology and other alternative therapies. Larimar is said to harness the healing power of dolphins and the wisdom of Atlantis.

Keep Larimar around your home or make an elixir with it to spray or sprinkle around and bring calmness and remove stress from your environment.


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The New Crystal Bible - Cassandra Eason

The Book of Stones - Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian

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