Kiwi Opal by Gypsy Willow Moon

A nurturing and protective crystal, that brings inner peace and serenity, that is all about the heart. Aids trauma, grief and hurtful disagreements. Nourishing and rejuvenating. Reminds us of what we are capable of - inner strength. Calms the emotions. Meditating, with this repeatedly will help to fully open and cleanse the heart chakra. Aids in a sense of direction if you are struggling with focus or connection. Helps you to combine your spiritual life and mundane life, to in turn align your heart chakra and higher heart chakra (thymus). Fantastical when working with this crystal in meditation and or visualisation. Helps treat viruses and infections within the body, strengthens and stabilises the immune system. Great for those trying to rid themselves or remove themselves from a negative lifestyle or friendship circle. Great crystal for females, especially those beginning puberty - eases period discomfort and emotions. It is absorbent and reflective, energy wise - It acts as a mirror for your whole self, including shadow self. Helps to recognise and appreciate your blessings. Balancing. Great stress and anxiety reliever, replacing with energies of calm and peace. Resonates at heart and root chakra. Releases blocks in relationships, that are causing issues between partners. Helps you to realise what is calling you, in life and how to achieve it. Enhances self-worth and self-esteem. Boosts energy Brings quick recovery from mental angst, exhaustion or illness. Great for abundance and gratitude workings. Green Kiwi Opal opens a part of the being, which naturally seeks to nurture all of the self - Teaching you how to nurture yourself. Can be worked with for visionary states. Brings energies of passion. Do not leave in direct sunlight - Opals are comprised of water, sunlight can dry it out and cause it to crack.

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