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Flowers of February by Rachel Patterson

From a Kitchen Witches World of Magical Plants and Herbs

Iris (Iris spp)

Irises are perennial plants grown from creeping rhizomes (such a good name for a rock band) or bulbs, a huge species of flowering plants. The name ‘iris’ comes from the Greek word for rainbow. The iris bulb is also referred to as orris root.

This is most definitely a moon plant; use iris for any kind of moon magic including divination and dream work.

Also use iris to draw love to you. In Hoodoo the root of the iris is called the Queen Elizabeth root and is referred to as the ‘love drawing herb’.

Bring iris flowers into the house to cleanse and purify the energies. The iris flower symbolises faith, wisdom and valour.

Iris Magical Properties: Wisdom, purification, moon magic, divination, dreams, love.

Ruling Planet: Moon, Venus

Sign: Taurus, Aquarius

Element: Water

Gender: Feminine

Primrose (Primula vulgaris)

A beautiful sight at the beginning of spring, primroses grow wild under hedges, on banks and in woods. The long crinkly leaves are downy underneath and put out short stalks covered with yellow, pink or white five-petal flowers. They are a dying species in the wild though, so please I urge you not to pick them; use cultivated ones from your garden for spell work.

Primroses also attract the Fae to your garden and help create a connection to them.

Primrose can be used in workings to help you deal with changes.

Blue and red primroses planted in your garden bring very strong protection; they also bring personal and material growth.

Carry the petals with you for protection and to bring love into your life. I have also read that they cure madness… but it’s never worked for me…

Primrose Magical Properties: Love, protection, faeries, changes, growth.

Ruling Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Gender: Feminine

Violet (Viola odorata)

A spring flowering plant, the leaves of the violet are heart shaped with pretty purple or white flowers that bees love.

White violets represent innocence and humility. Blue violets stand for loyalty, consistency and steadfastness.

Carry a violet with you to ease your heart from unrequited love (ahhhhhh).

Keep violets in your home or plant them in your garden to bring about peace, healing and protection.

Use violets in all kinds of love and lust workings and don’t be fooled by their size; for a small flower they pack a powerful punch of magic.

Violets also remind us to be true to ourselves and to be committed to what we do.

Violets are also associated with death and rebirth (the myth of Attis and the story of Persephone).

Violet Magical Properties Love, lust, peace, healing, protection, commitment, death and rebirth.

Ruling Planet: Venus

Sign: Cancer, Libra

Element: Water

Gender: Feminine

Primrose image by Henry Perks on Unsplash

Iris image by Susan Lewis Penix on Unsplash

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