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A Spell for New Beginnings by Sue Perryman

You will need: A white candle Scissors A piece of string or ribbon A small key (I used an old one from a suitcase lock) A crystal you are drawn to or one for new beginnings (I used Malachite) A Cinnamon stick A teaspoon of dried thyme Write or carve your name on the candle, then light it while saying: ‘Candle flame that shines so bright Bring new beginnings to my life’ Gaze at the candle flame for a few minutes visualizing what you want to happen. Cut the string in half and pop both pieces into your spell bag while saying: ‘I cut what ties me to the past With this spell that I now cast’ Hold the key in your hand and say: ‘With this key I open the door to a new beginning in my life’ Pop it in your spell bag. Hold your chosen crystal in your hand, while still visualizing, charge it with your intent and pop it in your spell bag. Repeat with the Cinnamon stick and Thyme. Hold the bag in your hands, still visualizing and charging it with new beginnings. Say: ‘A new beginning A fresh new start I leave the past behind And follow my heart’ When you feel ready keep the spell bag under your pillow or your bed to let the magic work while you sleep.

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