Colombianite - aka Calitites by Gypsy

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

This is my crystal for January, I shall be working with it all month during meditation and workings.

This is a VERY RARE crystal, please be very careful when buying!

Only found in Cali crater, Colombia, South America.

Colombianites are transparent, light, smokey, grey Tektites, exhibiting conchoidal surface - which are 5 Million years old.

A VERY rare crystal/stone - It is rarer than Moldovite and Saffordite aka Cintamani.

Known as a Star Born crystal, with the ability to clear negative energy & emotional baggage.

Help's to clear chronic patterns and looping matrices.

Facilitates communication with Spirit guides & higher dimensions, whilst also keeping you grounded, due to it resonating at root chakra.

Allows you to recognise your higher/true calling in life.

Is the Sacred Stone of the Muisca Indians, in Colombia. Known as

"Piedra Rayo" Lightning Stone, Stone of Lightning or Light Stone.

Colombian Healers work with this, to facilitate communication with Higher Beings.

Said to bring deep compassion, through Divine mercy...