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Flowers of January

Carnation by Rachel Patterson from A Kitchen Witches World of Magical Herbs and Plants

Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus). Carnations are probably one of the most common bunches of flowers purchased from supermarkets and petrol stations. They come in all sorts of colour variations and the cut flowers last for a long period of time in a vase of water. Carnation for me is the healing flower (it was used in the Middle Ages to ease fever). Wear a carnation in your lapel to bring about personal courage; you could also add carnation petals to an amulet or charm. You all know the idea about going on a blind date and wearing a carnation in your button hole so that your date knows who you are? Well it also brings courage with it. Hold a carnation flower in your hand and send any negative thoughts, emotions or feelings you have into the flower, let each petal soak it up then you can burn or bury it to take the negative energies away from you. Carnation petals work especially well in healing spells, charms and pouches. Even just a vase of them placed next to the bed of a person who is unwell will work their magical healing. Hang dried carnation buds over the threshold of your house to bring protection. You can also work with colour magic using carnations; red for love, white for peace, yellow for happiness, etc. Go with what the colour of the flower says to you.

Carnation Magical Properties

Healing, strength, protection, release, courage.

Ruling Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Snowdrop by Ness

Snowdrops are one of the first flowers of the year. These beautiful little flowers – white lantern type petals that hang off vibrant green stems just a few inches off of the ground are a symbol of hope and light. They are also known as Candlemas Bells which correspond to Imbolc which falls on February 2nd.

Snowdrops are said to produce their own heat which can melt the snow in their surroundings. Snowdrops when they appear give us a sign that the dark days of winter are coming to an end.

Snowdrop Magical Properties

Hope, strength, triumph over adversity

Planet: Saturn

Element: Water or Air

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