Imbolc Ritual by StormLover Wolf

List of items that you will need for the ritual:

A small pot for planting. You can also use an empty whole egg shell (one left over from your breakfast boiled egg will be perfect!), or a cardboard egg box will work just as well.

Some soil or potting compost

A seed, cutting or a bulb for planting.

Water to moisten the soil

A candle - colour of your choosing - and matches/lighter

Crystals that you are drawn to, corresponding to new beginnings, preparation, renewal, fertility

Something to eat and drink

When you are ready, take a few deep breaths and quiet your mind......

Cast Circle

“In this hour and in this space,

We gather to blend our energies.

So lend an ear and hear our words,

And grant us safety in this place.”

Quarter Calls


“We call to the Guardians of the East, the Spirit of Air, realm of the Eagles and Doves. May your calm breezes, open our minds and allow us to clearly see the answers that we seek.”

“Hail and Welcome!”


“We call to the Guardians of the South, the Spirit of Fire, realm of the snakes and salamanders. May your fiery spirit inspire us to see the the answers that we lack.”

“Hail and Welcome!”


“We call to the Guardians of the West, the Spirit of Water, the realm of the dolphins and whales. May your waves of knowledge allow our minds to see our way clear to find the ideas we desire.”