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Home Cleansing Magic by Heather

Can you feel it in the air…well that’s got Phil Collins in my head for the day!

It’s feeling the chill in the morning and evening, seeing the angle of the sun lower during the day, that makes me want to prepare our home for the darker months, (I get a similar message around April/May).

I am not going to mention the mundane washing and clearing out, although that needs to happen first, to allow me to concentrate on my final step, working on the energetic cleaning.

I can’t use incense due to family members having asthma. What I can use is my drum but before this I do a damp dust, using water infused with essential oils and a peppermint teabag, together with my intent of happiness and contentment through the next turning of the nature cycle.

My choices of essential oils this year are -

Frankincense Oil helps to relax your mind and body. It has a calming effect when you are anxious, agitated, depressed. It helps to rejuvenate the body and eases signs of tiredness and fatigue.

Clary Sage Essential Oil helps to alleviate negative feelings like fear, anger, anxiety and promotes the feeling of mental peace and relaxation. It helps in uplifting your mood, increase the level of confidence.

Bergamot Oil is known to aid relaxation. It helps to alleviate pain, stress and anxiety due to the presence of flavonoids in the oil which has a relaxing effect on the mind and body.

With my damp cloth, everything will be wiped, the cloth put on a walking stick to get into all the corners of the rooms (sorry spiders you will have to rebuild!). I will have some happy uplifting songs playing to sing along to, to uplift the energy and wash negativity away.

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