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Happy Family Spell by Heather

This spell uses wolf energy; wolves have a very strong family bond within their pack. Use this energy for your own pack of humans.

Click here for a guided video of Heather working the spell

You will need:

A strand of hair from each person in the family – you don’t

have to pull it straight from their head – you can take it from

the hairbrushes

An envelope

A pen

Picture or image of a wolf – this can be a photo, an image from the internet or a picture

Take the hairs and twist them together, pop them in the envelope and write on the front of it. The words should come from your heart but something along the lines of “family bonds”.

Put the envelope underneath the image of the wolf and keep it on your altar or tacked to the family notice board.

So this is the basic spell, but then you can layers of intent to strengthen the power of you spell, adding corresponding ingredients to the envelope –

Colours for house and home spells: Brown, black, green – use one of these to write your intention.

Crystals to work with for house and home spells: Amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, blue tourmaline, calcite, carnelian, chrysophrase, citrine, clear quartz, lepidolite, obsidian, rhodocrosite, rose quartz, turquoise.

Herbs to work with for house and home spells: Any of the happiness, peace and love herbs - Agrimony, ash, aster, basil, benzoin, betony, birch, bleeding heart, caraway, cardamom, catnip, chamomile, chestnut, chickweed, cinnamon, cinquefoil, cleavers, clove, clover, coltsfoot, columbine (aquilegia), copal, coriander, cornflower batchelor’s buttons), crocus, cumin, cyclamen, daffodil, daisy, dandelion, dill, dittany of Crete, dock, dragon’s blood, dulse, elm, fern, frankincense, geranium, ginger, hawthorn, hazel, heather, horehound, hyacinth, iris, ivy, jasmine, juniper, lady’s mantle, lavender, lemon balm, lilac, lobelia, lovage, mallow, mandrake, marjoram, meadowsweet, mistletoe, myrtle, orchid, pansy, passion flower, periwinkle, poppy, primrose, rose, rosemary, rowan, Saint John’s wort, sandalwood (red) , sea holly, sorrel, thyme, tulip, valerian, vervain, violet, willow, yarrow.

Day of the week for house and home spells: Tuesday, Saturday.

Planet for house and home spells: Moon.

Zodiac signs for house and home spells: Taurus, Cancer.

Moon phase for house and home spells: New moon.

You can also adapt this idea and use a bag, pouch or sachet containing your ingredients. As you seal the bag etc. attach a wolf charm.

What variations can you think of?

Photo from Unsplash

From Kitchen Witchcraft: Spells & Charms by Rachel Patterson

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