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Happiness Aura/Room Spray by Heather

For a while I have been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I used to fight these periods, battling on and acting as though everything was alright. Now I relax into these shadow times, knowing they come for a reason. What I do is rest and read (need more bookshelves...possibly bigger house !!).

I return to books that I haven’t read for a while, those that have inspired me over the years. During this particular period, something that has repeatedly jumped from the pages is the mention of aura sprays. I have seen them in shops, had them used on me at a couple of places in the past, but not taken much notice of. When I get repeated hints, I know now to take notice and do something about it. Not wanting to be out in shops or travel far, at the moment, this meant doing some meditation, undertaking some research and doing one of the things I enjoy most...mixing potions!

My aura spray mix;

For a 50ml/2oz spray bottle -

2 tbsp distilled water

1tbsp witch hazel

4 citrine crystal chips

3 clear quartz chips

15 drops petitgrain essential oil

20 drops neroli essential oil

13 drops sweet orange essential oil

Chosen for their happy energy, as well as their magical properties:

Petitgrain - banish negative energies, protect against mental anguish, helps to release anger and panic, can heal emotional wounds, promotes higher levels of consciousness and awareness, calms and clears the mind.

Neroli - self-purification, courage, love, luck, joy, abundance, self-esteem.

Sweet Orange - self-purification, transforming depression into peace or joy, abundance.

Citrine - associated with the sun, helps to protect against negative people, prosperity, intuition, reduces anxiety, helps to you manifest your goals, abundance, supports your personal power, stimulates the body's healing energies, elevates self-esteem, centring.

Clear quartz – amplification of the energies of the other ingredients, radiates energy, cleansing, purifying, versatility, abundance.

I have been spraying this around me before going out, coming back home or just if I have been feeling as though my energy was waning, with good effect.


The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood

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