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Goal setting spell for the year ahead by Sue Perryman

Spell of the Month – January by Sue Perryman

Goal setting for the year ahead spell

In January it is traditional to make a list of resolutions or goals that you want to achieve during the year ahead. These goals are made with the best of intention, but once life gets busy, or difficult many are easily dropped and forgotten. This spell is best done on a new moon.

To be successful, your goals need a firm, solid foundation and determination. You still need to do the hard work I'm afraid, but this spell will help your hopes and dreams to have a strong base from which to grow.

You will need:

. A square sheet of paper (I used green to correspond with growth, but use what you have)

. A Pen (again I used green)

. A small candle in a holder (green or brown for earth, but if you don’t have them white is fine)

. Matches or a lighter

. A green or brown crystal, or a pebble

. A small plant pot filled with compost

. Seeds: although it's only January plants such as salad leaves, spinach and culinary herbs can be grown on your kitchen window sill.

On one side of the paper write down your goals or intentions for the year ahead.

Turn the paper over and starting in the centre begin to draw a tight, clockwise spiral until you reach the edges of the paper. As you draw concentrate on your goals.

Place your candle in the centre of the spiral and surround it with the seeds. Pop the crystal or pebble beside it.

Light the candle and repeat this chant 3 times:

'As these seeds grow and thrive

my goal achievements come to life'

Sit and gaze at the candle, visualise yourself achieving them and think about the change they will bring to your life.

Once the candle has burned out, plant the seeds in the pot and keep the compost damp by watering gently daily. Place the crystal or pebble on top of the soil or beside the pot. Keep the pot on a sunny window sill.

Fold the paper up into a small square with your intentions on the inside and put it away out of sight.

As the seeds begin to grow, take the first steps needed to realise your goals.

It is done!

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