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Exploring the Possibilities of Infinite Fire Magic by Heather

One of the good phenomena, to have arisen from the situation over the last year, has to be the expansion of the online festivals and events we can attend, from all over the world. Due to this, I attended WitchCon from Salem, a fantastic weekend of inspirational speakers.

At a talk on communicating, connecting, and healing issues with your ancestors, the presenter showed us how she uses herbs in an oil burner, which can be topped up with oil, to aid contact over a long period of time, until you feel that issue is dealt with. Other than envy over her lovely big oil burner (see photo above of a similar one which I am going to be looking for), I remembered that back in the early 2000’s I had collected several small oil burners from charity/thrift shops, at the time incorporating colour magic when using them.

However, we have moved three times since then, so I was not sure where these were. I set up a candle spell, asking that they would be found quickly, if I still had them, and in a box at the back of the loft there they were, still with a bottle of oil and the mixing colours!

This WitchCon presentation had awakened ideas for me, as have the others. Instead of candles for my longer-term spells or as offerings to deity, I am going to play with the oil burners. Unfortunately, these are not big enough to add herbs, hence my plan to check in charity shops, once they open again, for a larger one. However, I have added crystal chips to them that correspond with my intentions, as well as some with colour.

The WitchCon presenters site mentioned above can be found here

Image of first oil burner from Unsplash

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