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Enchanted Beauty Rituals by Heather

The idea for this blog came about because of a conversation with friends, one of whom then sent me an article he saw the following day!

We were chatting when one friend arrived a little late, as explanation she showed us the bottle of perfume, she had treated herself to.  This was the first perfume that her late husband had given her nearly sixty years ago.  Although expensive she still liked to wear it, as every day as she applies it, she has visions of her husband standing behind her and wrapping his arms round her to protect her.

This sent our conversation in the interesting direction of what each of us did, as part of our beauty/bathing practices, which could be thought of as Rituals and whether we added any intentions to our actions.  At this point I will say that not everyone in our group would identify themselves as a witch or pagan, yet we all did something along these lines.

The friend, who the following day sent me the article, said he always splashed his face with cold water night and morning, imagining it was from a clear spring, bubbling out of the earth and washing all his anxieties away.  Then as he oiled and waxed his beard in the morning, he would ask Odin for wisdom during the day.

The next said that as she showers, she visualised all the negativity falling off her, draining down the plug hole, then the clean water filling her aura with happiness.

Another friend said as she applies her foundation, the first stroke with her brush is the Reiki Power Symbol, to protect her.  Whilst another visualises herself surrounded by a protection bubble as she massages her body lotion on.

As for me, the body oils I make up are blended with the association of a God or Goddess, so it will depend on whose strength I need on the day as to which I use.  I am also a lipstick addict, again the colour I choose will depend on what my day has in store, but I always have the intention that whatever words I speak are kind and thoughtful.

We thought it was fascinating that we all brought a little magic into our daily routines.

So what are your beauty routines, and do you make them an enchanting ritual?


Photo by Alex Sajan on Unsplash

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