Dumortierite by Gypsy Willowmoon

Appearance is dense, mottled opaque stone with iridescent flashes, blue inclusions or crystalline inclusions.

Commonly found in Madagascar.

Releases selfishness, stubbornness and other unhealthy personal addictions.

Stimulates the brain, enhances intellectual abilities.

Has powerful healing energies.

Helps with headaches, diarrhoea, stomach ache and intestinal problems.

Aids studying with languages and maths.

Increases patience in those with a short temper.

Helps bring calm in intense situations.

Good to work with for the 3rd eye.

Zodiac sign - Leo.

Helps you to speak your mind.

Brings stamina and patience.

Clears the mind.

Working alongside pearl will develop or enhance your psychic abilities for Tarot interpretation - Your readings will be more accurate and to the point.

Boosts self-esteem.

Helps remove clutter from your life - Including emotional & mental.

Balances the throat chakra.

Enhances the connection between your lower and higher chakras.