Distant Reiki by Gypsy Willowmoon

Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing - Discovered by Mikao Usui, who was a Japanese Buddhist in the year 1922. Which can be worked distantly - Without the client/recipient being present physically.

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words... Rei - refers to the Universe, Source or God energies Ki - which means 'life force energy'

Reiki works on the body, mind and emotional bodies bringing deep change and resolution.

During your Reiki training depending on which level you train too, you will be taught at Second Degree level, 3 symbols and their mantras along with some mudras (hand positions)

Distant Reiki also works through the power of intention.

When this symbol is worked with by a Reiki Practitioner the symbol allows them to send Reiki through space and time, it can also be worked with in one on one sessions to remove blocks from the past.

Reiki is like a direct Wi-Fi link that the recipient/client connects to in order to receive the Reiki energy.

It can be worked with through email/phone call or video chat appointments or in person one to one. I work in person, Distantly and Distantly through video chat, which all have the same power and outcome, the Reiki is not 'less' because you are not physically in the room - In some instances this can be a stronger session.

When I work a Distant Reiki session I use the symbol to connect to the client, I also work with their name or a photograph if one has been provided to strengthen the energetic connection between us - which is then severed at the end of the session. We would have agreed a time frame beforehand, in order for the recipient to get comfortable - although this is not always necessary for instance in the case of an emergency...

I would 'turn on' my Reiki and then go through a grounding exercise with the recipient before allowing the Reiki to flow to the client/recipient for the time frame agreed - The recipient will receive the Reiki, as I speak to them of any blocks or issues that I may pick up on.

We would have a discussion of anything the recipient felt or saw during the session. Then end with a grounding session, before sealing in the Reiki to their aura allowing the Reiki to continue to work with them.

Reiki can be sent anywhere, anytime to anyone - With permission of course!

I work free Distant Reiki group sessions in the chat box on the Kitchen Witch school forum once a month which are proving to be very popular with the students. They work in the same way as a Distant Reiki session with one person, it is just with more people. The most I have send to distantly at one time is around 45 people.

I usually incorporate colour healing in the form of crystals and coloured silks, sound healing in the form of sound bowls/singing bowls and Reiki Drum and chanting. I also work with guides and guardians. I work intuitively, but everyone is different - some people only use hand positions that they were taught while others place hands as they feel guided.

Most Reiki practitioners charge a monetary fee for their services, I do not like to do this... I work on a barter system. Which is an exchange of services - For instance if you were a Yoga Teacher, I would receive a Yoga session and you would receive a Reiki session. I also accept gifts of plants/Flowers, home baked goods, haircuts, crystals, incense, candles, art work, perfume, homemade crafts/ jewellery etc, essential oils, gardening work a running partner.

The reason that I choose to work in this way, is because I like to work this way. I started my Reiki training to help myself and others, not to make money. But that is me everyone is different!


Reiki blessings!

)O( Gypsy Willowmoon Xx

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