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De-Cluttering Spell by Jane Mortimer

Part 1 – the Ritual

I am using three candles for this spell: black to disperse all the stale and blocked energy, white to replace that energy with clarity and light, and brown for Old Father Time, because it’s going to take a while to complete the task. I’m burning three different oils in a burner: sage for cleansing, rosemary for clarity of mind and purpose, and frankincense to make a nice, convivial space to invite friends and family into.

While the oil and candles are burning, I am writing the following incantation on a piece of flash paper (ordinary paper put into a heatproof dish will also work) :

“Oh, Spirits of this house, I ask,

Please help me with a mammoth task,

To clear our home of all its junk

Before I am completely sunk!

So mote it be.”

The next step is to hold the incantation in the flame of the white candle, then throw it up in the air to go Whoof! whereupon it will disappear into the ether to be delivered to the Universe.

I will be finishing the ritual by grounding with tea and biscuits, and the candles will burn down completely.

Part 2 – Practical Magic

My tools for this are a roll of black bin bags, several cloths, a spray bottle of Zoom solution and a hand held vacuum cleaner. My incantation (on a piece of nice spell paper) will stay in a prominent place until I’ve tackled lots of glory holes, repeating this spell as often as I feel is necessary to keep up the motivation. I will trace a pentagram with my finger over the tools as I say:

“With these tools I clear this space,

To make our home a happy place.

So mote it be”

Some unlikely looking magical tools, and the drawer that won’t close.

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