Darwin Glass by Gypsy

Darwin Glass - also known as Australite and/or Darwinite. Potent, High Vibration Tektite, only found in Queensland Tasmania. Created by a meteor, hitting close to Mount Darwin, it may have impacted at The Darwin Crater, 770,000 years ago. It contains 20 mega tons of energy (20 million tons of TNT) VERY RARE Amorphous, Meteoroid. A 6-7 on the Mohs scale. Connects to the element of water and earth. Numerological - 8 & 11 Resonates at 3rd eye, heart and crown chakras & higher etheric chakras. Associated with Taurus & Sagittarius. Much more gentle than Moldovite's energy. Aids connection with beings in higher realms when worked with at 3rd eye or during meditation. Sends a message, that EVERYTHING! IS LOVE. Excellent to work with for spiritual progression and development. Although potent, it has a gentle grounding energy - It helps to keep you grounded in the cycle of transformation. It reminds us that we are not losing anything, we are gaining new opportunities. The darker green crystals contain more meteor than lighter shaded crystals. Unusual twisted shapes and forms. Connecting to this crystal can open up your heart to more love and dissolve protective armour around the heart. Encourages you to openly engage with the world, reminding us to live in harmony with the planet. It forms a protective bubble around you, allowing you to remain peaceful and calm, as you filter all the information you are bombarded with. The youngest in the Tektite family, commonly known as meteor splash glass - along with Moldovite and Golden Tektite. Helps you to find direction and reconnect when you are struggling. Helps to release fear and negativity from within , and acts as a shield from others emotions - especially beneficial for empaths. Acts as a conductor facilitating a deeper connection to nature and the planet, animals, plants, crystals & water. Carry whilst walking in nature. Can be paired with Golden Tektite and Moldovite, the 3 combined synergise with each others energy. All 3 combined create a all around barrier and compliment each other, as they are all Tektites. Connects and protects - I am in harmony with all beings and energies. Heart and lung issues, Meditation, Emotional healing, Heals the brain, Connects to Dolphins (Lemuria connection for me) Brings forth messages from higher dimensional beings... Holds light energy ~ Gypsy Sources- healingcrystalsforyou.com stonesoftransformation.com.au energyinbalance.com.au

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