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Crystal Skulls by Ness

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a fascination with skulls. No idea why – but I do remember as a young girl, my mum being quite concerned! As an adult, I also had her carry a resin life size skull I found in a quirky shop in Wales. (I was pushing a double buggy with both my children in it at the time and didn’t have any free hands). Crystals have also been an interest for me for many years, so to discover crystal skulls was just awesome! I have 8 in my collection – so far! - and they are some of my favourite crystals to work with.

There is a huge amount of information on ‘crystal skulls’ on the internet with regards to their mystery and perceived supernatural powers. These skulls are different from the ones I have. These are life size and carved from clear quartz or a milky quartz. There are texts and writings of healings and expanded psychic abilities from people who have been exposed to these skulls’ energies. There are many theories to how these magical skulls came about – that they were carved tens of thousands of years ago by an ancient civilisation. There are even some theories that they are extraterrestrial.

Joshua Shapiro – writer of the ‘Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed’ says “They are a form of computer being able to record energy and vibration. They contain the history of our world!”

Others are skeptical. There are several Aztec Gods that are represented by skulls, so it could that the crystal skulls were images of them and used for invoking and may not have anything to do with magical powers.

In 1924, a British man named Fred Mitchell-Hedges visited a Mayan city. Whilst exploring, it was said that he came across a pyramid and within it, a crystal skull. He wrote about it in his memoirs – entitled ‘Skull of Doom’ The skull that he found was said to be one of 13 identical skulls spread throughout the world. When all the skulls are reunited, they would share universal knowledge and secrets critical to the survival of the human race.

There have been many scientific studies on both the skulls and the stories behind them – Fred Mitchell-Hedge's skull has many articles and books on the subject. Some of the stories have been dismissed as fake, others say the skulls are genuine but that the assumed powers are not...interesting reading if you fancy a look.

What do my skulls mean to me and how do I work with them?

It sounds strange but I look on the skulls as a ‘being’ - someone to work with me, help me in my tasks, my healing and generally make themselves known to me when they think that I need some assistance or ‘sorting out’. We obviously work with regular crystals – raw, polished or shaped - the same way but I find the skulls different. Perhaps it's to do with the shape itself – the skull houses our brain and everything within it controls our very being.

The first skull I got was blue apatite. Blue Apatite is a crystal of positivity. It clears negativity, confusion and promotes personal growth. It is also connected to the throat chakra which helps with public speaking and group communication. It is also beneficial when studying. I used to sit him on the table while writing my lesson homework. I always felt that he was watching over me – pushing me to always do my best. Even now, while blog writing, If I’m not entirely happy with something that I’ve written, I’ll re-do it, I never have the attitude “that’ll do”.

(I usually refer to my skulls as ‘he’ - I’m not sure why. Apart from one and that is my large rose quartz skull – that one is definitely a ‘she’.)

I purchased my rose quartz skull from eBay and as rose quartz is one of my favourite crystals, this skull is too. She has a soft lovely energy and sometimes in moments of anxiety or frustration, she helps calm me, take a deep breath or two and take some time out. 4 of my skulls were gifted from some of my dear friends and the properties of each have proved very beneficial. Almost like they have found their way to me for a reason.

I work with my skulls when doing rune readings. One will draw itself to my attention. I feel that it is lending its energies, allowing me to connect to the person for whom I am doing the reading for. I work with my skulls in meditation, for a focal point in crystal grids and in spell work.

I do feel that the skulls have an amplified energy and that they all prefer to be together. This became apparent when I put a couple of them on my Samhain altar this year. I get the definite feeling that I need to move the others to the same area, if not on the altar itself.

Reference: Archeology Magazine Archive

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