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Crystal Mandala for Growth by Ness

It seems a bit strange writing about March - it seems like Yule was five minutes ago! I write this foreward a little in advance as I have to schedule it for posting and at this present moment, we have icy winds, patches of snow interspersed with mild and rainy days. But the wheel continues to turn and spring is upon us, no matter what the weather. Buds are abundant, daffodils will be blooming - their beautiful yellow heads lighting up the dullest of days. We have celebrated Imbolc and towards the end of the month, we shall celebrate the Spring Equinox. The seeds of new beginnings have been planted and they now need to be nurtured. So this month will be about growth..

I created a crystal mandala for growth working with the following crystals:

Clear Quartz Skull - for clarity of mind and all round amplifier

Tigers Eye - aids in blocked creativity allowing growth

Carnelian - for positive life choices

Bloodstone - for strength and courage

Lapis Lazuli - process of learning

Malachite - for spiritual growth

Rune of the Month - Ingwaz

The rune Ingwaz symbolises the earth and our deep relation to it. It speaks of potential, of growth and change. We have sown our seeds and now need to nurture them so that strong roots may grow. Likewise, pay attention to yourself - to your body and to your mind. Look after yourself! You have within you the power to grow spiritually. You may have to allow for some change to achieve this, but the rewards will be worth it!

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