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Crystal Grid for Prosperity by Ness

April still brings sunshine but chilly breezes and cool nights are not doing the tender new growth in my garden any favours. Let us hope that May brings us some warmer temperatures here in the South Coast of the UK.

Rewind to Imbolc, we were sowing our seeds for the plans and goals that we are aiming for this year. Hopefully we have seen some of them sprout and grow and gain a bit of strength. Last month, we gave ourselves a bit of self-care, taking stock of what our needs are and hopefully this month we can focus on the strength of our hopes and wishes, so this month's theme is Prosperity!

Crystal Grid for Prosperity

Chrysoprase – good fortune and prosperity

Orange Calcite – positive energies

Carnelian – promote positive life choices

Tiger Eye – encouraging action

Clear Quartz – amplifying

Black Obsidian – letting go of limiting beliefs

Citrine – manifest prosperity and abundance

Rune of the Month – Fe

The rune of domesticated cattle – when the amount of cattle you had, signified your wealth. Fe speaks of money matters and assets. It can also refer to matters not connected to money, Fe can appear when rewards are due for hard work put in to a project or task. You have spent the first half of the year nurturing your new ideas, watched them hopefully grow – now is the time to reap! You definitely deserve it!

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