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Create Your Own Embroidered Bindrune Charm by Sue James-Bristow

You will need:

An embroidery hoop - 3, 6 or 9 inches in diameter for a small, medium or large charm Two pieces of coloured felt just larger than the hoop

A needle, cross-stitch or crewel embroidery needles are perfect

Coloured embroidery thread


Craft knife or Stanley knife

Dried herbs and spices chosen to suit your intention

Biro or gel pen

Piece of ribbon approximately 6-10 inches

I’m just getting into learning to use runes and I came up with the idea to use them to make a protection charm for my home. A bindrune is simply a combination of runes put together. Think a runic sigil kind of thing. To make your charm you first need to set your intention as you can, then choose your runes, colours and herbs to add extra oomph to your spell.

First choose the runes that fit your intention. I used Berkana, Algiz, Tiwaz, Gebo for example.

I’ve made a couple of these now (finished project in the photos). On a piece of paper play about with your chosen runes until they fit together in a way that seems right to you. They can either be touching or joined up or separate if you prefer. Then copy that design using a biro or gel pen onto the centre area of your first piece of felt. Use a colour of felt that has correspondences to your intention and contrasting embroidery threads.

Cut your thread into a 10-12” length, whatever feels comfortable to work with. Divide the silk so that you have 3 strands to thread your needle with. You can have all 3 threads the same colour or mix it up to have a variegated result. Put your felt with the design on into the hoop. Anchor your thread on the back of your work and then use back stitch, stem stitch or chain stitch to work your design. While you work keep your intention in mind.

When you have finished your sewing, trim off any loose ends and iron your work on a low heat setting. I place a tea towel on it and iron over that.

Lay your second piece of felt over the inner ring of your hoop. Hold the herbs and spices you have selected in your hands and pour energy and intention into them. Then place them in the centre of the felt. I used black peppercorns, sage, thyme and parsley. Place your embroidered felt piece on top. Push the outer hoop over the top. It will be a tight fit but needs to hold your work and the herbs securely. Tighten the screw of the hoop as much as you can.

Turn the hoop over and trim away the excess felt using the scissors. Then carefully cut away the last bit of excess with the craft knife. Turn the hoop as you go. You should end up with a neat finish.

Finally thread your ribbon through the tightening screw and tie the end into a bow. Your charm is ready to hang up. If you want to make other charms with different intentions just vary the runes, colours and herbs. You could even use a sigil you’ve designed.

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