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Cord Cutting Spell by Isis Silvermoon

Intention – to cut cords with someone from the past

Moon – Old Crescent

Day: 25th of August


  • 2 beeswax candles – the people

  • Red thread – Passion, ties of life itself

  • Dead Tarot card – termination, ends

  • Black Salt - banishing

  • Nail or something to write on the candle

  • Mandrake oil – potent magic, human connections, passion and ties

  • Flameproof plate

  • Gaia statue

Step by step:

  • Earthing

  • Write down the names and date of birth in each candle – mine, his. Name the candles: “I name you ……., you are them, and they are you.”

  • Anoint the candles with mandrake oil and tie them together with the red thread

  • Place the dead card next to the plate

  • Place the statue of Gaia behind the plate

  • Call for the Goddess Gaia:

“Mother of seed and corn and fruit

Of the ox and the yoke

Bounteous reaper

Who wields the scythe and the flower

Who waxes the increase of Summer

And fills Nature’s stores of wealth

Thresher of the Harvest, round-bellied Queen

Attend me now and hear my call"

  • Hold both candles between your hands and say: “I acknowledge the Goddess Gaia, who gives substance and form to our bodies and spirit, and ask her to give substance to these candles, as the candles are made of wax and wick, so our body is made of flesh and bones”. Imagine the person right in front of you, with as much detail as possible.

  • Spend some time thinking about the good but also the bad moments and experiences the person had shared with you. Think about the thread that still connects your souls; visualise it in red, coming from one heart to the other.

Meditate on the reasons and intentions of the ritual and why you need to cut


  • Place the candles on the plate and surround it with black salt. Light up the candles and burn the cord cut, saying: “I cherish what we had, but I give you freedom. Follow your path in peace, with harm to none, so shall it be”.

  • Visualise the person now turning their back and walking away.

  • Say thanks to the Goddess:

“Thank you, Goddess Gaia, for your presence; go if you will, stay if you must.”

  • Let the candles burn and bury the remains far away from you.


In this ritual, the energy came to me like a ring of fire, and I was unusually tired and

empty when I finished. Another unusual thing happened, the death card suddenly

flew on top of the flames and put down the candles when they were almost finished. I

feel like that means total termination and job done.

Photo from Unsplash

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