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Cinnamon by Sue Perryman

Cinnamon - Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Cinnamomum verum

Ruling Planet: Sun Sign: Aries Element: Fire Gender: Masculine

Cinnamon can be used for any of the properties below, but today Im concentrating on spiritual growth.

Magical Properties: Success, healing, power, protection, love, focus, lust, spirituality, changes.

Cinnamon comes from the dried bark of the tree. It is native to Sri Lanka and China and is widely cultivated in Brazil, Jamaica, India and the Seychelles.

The ancient Chinese used it to purify their Temples and the ancient Hebrews used it as an anointing oil.

Use as an incense to enhance your spiritual growth while meditating and working with any form of divination, it will help to focus your mind and stimulate your psychic powers.

Wear the diluted oil dabbed on clothing instead of your skin, it can be an irritant so best to be safe. It can also be used in oil burners and vapourizers for any spiritual work.

Add small pieces of cinnamon sticks to spell bags to carry its energies with you.

Drink as a tea before any spiritual work : PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD AVOID LARGE AMOUNTS OF CINNAMON

1 cinnamon stick Boiling water ( a cup full) Honey to sweeten if desired

Leave the cinnamon stick whole in a mug, add boiling water, leave for a few minutes and enjoy. Alternatively break it into pieces and put in a tea pot or cafetiere and pour on boiling water. Leave to infuse for 5 - 10 minutes, then pour into cup. Sweeten if needed.

Dress a candle with cinnamon oil and surround it with the spice ( sticks or powder), then meditate on the candle and let the sight and smell of cinnamon awaken your spirituality.

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