Celebrating the Spring Equinox with children by Gypsy WillowMoon

My children like to join me in celebrating the Spring Equinox, I thought I would share some of the activities that we have enjoyed together over the years...

A nature walk - We have lots of places to explore in our local area, woods, parks golf courses and a country park. We go for walks, but take a list of items to look for and identify.

Plant a herb garden - Let the children pick the seeds, choose some colourful containers, you can work with lolly sticks as name tags drawing funny faces or using cotton wool and other items to make faces on the markers.

My children really enjoyed doing this, it also encouraged them to grow our own fruit and veg. The love seeing all the changes in the garden over the year.

Have a fire - We spend a LOT of time in our garden All year round! The children really love having a fire, depending on the weather we will cook dinner outside, sit around the fire pit, maybe making smores or just toasting marshmallows, discussing what we can see in the flames.

Make a wishing tree - I love to do this, it is so much fun! You will need: Eggs - With the yolk and white blown out, so that the egg shell is still whole - To do this prick the egg with a toothpick or similar, at both ends of the egg shell, place a bowl under the egg and blow through one of the wholes, releasing the egg. Then you can attach thread through the egg shell to hang it from the tree, and paint or decorate the shell. As you are holding the shell and decorating it, fill it with your wish or intent, once dry hang from the tree.

Take children for a walk to pick flowers, or buy flowers and arrange them together.

A family feast - Get all of the family involved in planning, preparing, cooking and eating the feast. Make it a really fun time, with Spring themed music and table decorations. We always have fun in the kitchen together.

Follow a guided meditation with your children, or write a meditation together.

Spring cleaning - I LOVE Spring cleaning, I know I must be mad! lol We make it really fun, blasting our favourite music, making our own floor and wall washes, to bring in joy, protection or whatever energy we feel we need around us. We make the floor or wall washes with flavoured tea bags or herbs, matching the herb or teabag to our intent. For example, recently I was gifted some Jasmine tea by a client, I don't like the taste, so I will make a floor wash. Jasmines magical properties are, dreams, money, love, meditation and lust - work with the intent that you want to bring in... You could also work with it in a sleep or dream pouch, with other herbs.

When I was little we used to make our own kites - I'm sure you can find instructions on the internet.

Make a Spring altar - You can collect lots of nature items to place on your altar, dried flowers or seeds, you could place tarot or oracle cards as the focus of your altar.

Design and make a faerie garden - My girls absolutely LOVE this activity! We work with a massive terracotta saucer (the type that go underneath, big outdoor plant pots) We buy a small bag of soil to fill the saucer then we add, a path made from pebbles or painted match sticks, furniture made from lolly sticks and other items. We have a two-storey faerie house from Fisher Price, that has a hearth and chandelier, that also plays music - a local parent was throwing it out... We have added Barbie tables and chairs before in our faerie garden, and place real food out for them, a biscuit or cake or something similar.

I hope this has given you some ideas of your own to celebrate Spring Equinox!

~ Gypsy

Photo by Max Goncharov on Unsplash

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