Cacao ceremony by Gypsy Willowmoon

Hey Guys!

I wanted to have a cacao ceremony, I was hoping to attend one locally, but the dates would just not work for me so, I purchased some online direct from the Asháninka people of the Peruvian Amazon whom make it - With the money going straight back to their community.

Asháninka means "our fellows" or " kin folk".

Cacao comes from the Mayan words Ka'Kau and Chokola'j which mean to drink chocolate together, which is exactly what they would do.

Cacao ceremonies are a type of Shamanic healing practice said to be extremely beneficial for your body facilitating the opening of your heart chakra, whilst also re-balancing our energy.

Cacao increases the supply of blood to the brain, aiding mental agility, focus and awareness - which provides a natural high.

South Americans would enjoy the drink during ceremony or ritual with their Gods.

There is an active ingredient in cacao called theobromine - which translates to mean "Food of the Gods"

Cacao is naturally high in iron, magnesium and B - complex vitamins, serotonin & dopamine, and amandine which are bliss molecules.

I was interested to see or feel the feels, would I feel more connected to myself, nature, my guides and guardians?

It can bring up emotions that you have been blocking - So be prepared.

You may notice that you begin to feel warm & relaxed, experiencing feelings of bliss - Relax and go with it.

Cacao ceremonies are a great practice to begin setting intentional time aside for yourself, I tend to have a ceremony at New or Full Moon, but you could work them daily, if you choose to.

The Spirit of Cacao joins you to support you on your cacao journey - Remember to thank them at the end of the ceremony.