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I wanted to have a cacao ceremony, I was hoping to attend one locally, but the dates would just not work for me so, I purchased some online direct from the Asháninka people of the Peruvian Amazon whom make it - With the money going straight back to their community.

Asháninka means "our fellows" or " kin folk".

Cacao comes from the Mayan words Ka'Kau and Chokola'j which mean to drink chocolate together, which is exactly what they would do.

Cacao ceremonies are a type of Shamanic healing practice said to be extremely beneficial for your body facilitating the opening of your heart chakra, whilst also re-balancing our energy.

Cacao increases the supply of blood to the brain, aiding mental agility, focus and awareness - which provides a natural high.

South Americans would enjoy the drink during ceremony or ritual with their Gods.

There is an active ingredient in cacao called theobromine - which translates to mean "Food of the Gods"

Cacao is naturally high in iron, magnesium and B - complex vitamins, serotonin & dopamine, and amandine which are bliss molecules.

I was interested to see or feel the feels, would I feel more connected to myself, nature, my guides and guardians?

It can bring up emotions that you have been blocking - So be prepared.

You may notice that you begin to feel warm & relaxed, experiencing feelings of bliss - Relax and go with it.

Cacao ceremonies are a great practice to begin setting intentional time aside for yourself, I tend to have a ceremony at New or Full Moon, but you could work them daily, if you choose to.

The Spirit of Cacao joins you to support you on your cacao journey - Remember to thank them at the end of the ceremony.

I held my ceremony in my garden, after putting the younger children to bed, I gathered my supplies -

Ceremonial cacao,


meditation- on my phone,

A blanket, it was a tad chilly.

Then I lit the fire, as the fire began to burn, I went to make my hot chocolate.

The Asháninka people I bought the cacao from in Peru, suggest to keep the cacao in an airtight container for up to 1 year or the freezer for up to 2 years.

I took some out of the freezer, weighing out 42 g which is the recommended dose for best results, although you can start at 22 g and work up to 42 g...

I cut up the 42 g of raw cacao, I added in 1 tsp of chilli, cinnamon and ginger added it into my cup and poured over hot water to form a paste.

I then continued adding water until the cup was full and the cacao smooth and thin consistency - I added around 200 ml of boiled water.

I went out to the garden, setting my intention for the meditation - Which was to work on my heart chakra.

I made myself comfortable, sat by the fire and began my meditation - I worked with Astrocal's Taurus New Moon meditations, available through their Moon Diary and website.

It was a very beautiful experience, I certainly felt all the feels, I found myself sobbing after the ceremony - My heart chakra was definitely open to the magic of Ceremonial Cacao. There was a beautiful warming energy throughout my body for at least 4 hours afterwards, I have certainly been working from my heart chakra more, since the ceremony.

I focused on meditation during my ceremony, but others include, dancing or drumming, they may have large groups of people or just a few - Be aware if you are attending a group ceremony, there will be sharing of everyone's fears, hopes, and wishes.

You can make it whatever you want to, full on ceremony with cloak and circle cast or not, the choice is yours...

Make sure to keep hydrated during and after the ceremony, sipping on water throughout and afterwards.


Shani Jay - Sacred Cacao ceremonies


)O( Gypsy Willowmoon Xx

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