Bring Me The Sunshine Spray by Gypsy Willowmoon

Bring Me The Sunshine Spray. A little pick me up, in these testing times. Make on a waxing moon, to attract things to you, on a Sunday, if you can. Items needed : 1/2 Cup distilled Water - boiled & cooled, Thyme essential oil 9 drops, Lemongrass essential oil 9 drops, Black pepper essential oil, 3 drops. Add distilled water to chosen, clean & sterilised bottle, then add essential oils, shake. You are ready to go! Magical properties of Thyme: Protection & cleansing, Healing Purifying An offering to the Gods Courage Prosperity Removes negativity. Magical properties of Lemongrass: Mood enhancing, Love magic, Growth Strength Purification Fidelity Cleansing Healing Sweetens communication Clears obstacles that are standing in your way - an ingredient in Road Opener Oil Magical Properties of Black Pepper: Dissolved spiritual exhaustion, Rids self doubt Provides motivation Mental clarity Strengthening Aids meditation Connection to higher self. Recipe is my own. ~ Gypsy

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