Boldo leaves by Gypsy Willowmoon

Peumus boldus

Other names - Boldea fragrans, Boldine, Boldoak, Boldea, Boldo Folium, Boldus Boldus, Peumus Fragrans.

From the Monimiaceae family native to Chile.

An evergreen shrub found mostly in Chile, but also in South America, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. With small amounts found in Europe and Africa.

Waxy leaves are very aromatic. When crushed they are unpleasant and VERY overpowering!

Parts used - Dried leaves used in teas, infusions, capsules or extract.

There is a chemical in Boldo leaves that can cause liver damage, this is called Ascaridole. Can also irritate the skin.

Lithium interacts with Boldo - It could affect how well the body releases lithium, which can increase lithium levels in the body causing serious side effects.

The essential oil of Boldo is used in the perfume industry. The leaf is an ingredient in liqueurs and bitters.

DO NOT USE if you have obstruction of the bile duct.

Is a highly valued herb along the Texas/ Mexico border, where Brujeria - Spanish word for Witchcraft practised by some Hispanic and Native American cultures in the Southwest - Known as dark magic... And Curandismo Latin American Witchcraft, have integrated with Hoodoo and root work.

Archaeologists excavating in Monte Verde region of Chile, found Boldo along with a combination of 22 other herbs, wrapped in a seaweed basket which is estimated to be 12,500 years old...

Produces small green fruits that are sweet.

Boldo was discovered by a Chilean shepherd, he noticed that his sheep were healthier and had less liver problems when they ate the leaves.

The fruit is worked with as a spice, the wood for charcoal and the bark for tanning hides.

Medicinally worked with for flatulence, poor digestion, gallstones, earache, cystitis, colds, hepatitis, expels intestinal worms, syphilis, gout and as a general tonic. Achy joints, bladder infections, anxiety, fluid retention, constipation, stomach and mild intestinal cramps.

Magical uses: Repels evil spirits, bad customers and unruly people, protection and spiritual cleansing.

Sprinkling around public places, pubs restaurants etc once a week will keep away bad customers and those carrying illnesses.

Some make a tea and then sprinkle the tea around their home to ward off evil spirits. It can be mixed with other protective herbs like, rue, Broom, hyssop or agrimony to increase its strength.

Can be used to dress candles, with wealthy way oil, it is very powerful for businesses!

Worked with in incense for calm, spiritual cleansing and harmony. Has a slight mint aroma when burnt - creates peaceful atmosphere, promotes sleep and strengthens the nerves.

Burn on a charcoal disc and smudge your computer. Keep some in a bottle or small dish next to it.

Place it with other business herbs in an envelope with a sachet powder of your choice and a petition paper. Seal it and pray over it.

Dressing business cards as a powder, with money drawing, wealthy way, or Crown of success and send them out.

Can be used to remove bad luck from your love life.

Worked with in Chilean cooking like Bay leaves, the leaves taste better when dried and cooked with.

In parts of Peru they are a diuretic. Worked with in Homeopathy and herbal medicine for digestive disorders and also as a laxative.


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