Black Tourmaline with Mica by Gypsy Willowmoon

Tourmaline comes in many varieties of colour & energy.

According to Ancient Egyptian legends, tourmaline passed by a rainbow, taking on its beautiful array of colours.

Black obviously represents the colour Tourmaline comes from a Sri Lankan regional term, from the Sinhalese word "turmali" Which means yellow Zircon.... Long story short - A package arrived from Sri Lanka labelled Turmalin, the name stuck but has changed again to Tourmaline.

The structure of Tourmaline is due to vertical striations or ridges.

I bought some new crystals at the weekend to work with during Reiki sessions, with clients and for personal use Black Tourmaline with Mica was one of them...

Besides from being beautiful to look at the energy is tangible!

Also known as Schorl or Schorl Tourmaline - Encourages positive attitudes, good luck and happiness, no matter what the situation or circumstance.

Sourced from Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Africa and the USA.

Excellent to prevent psychic attack and has a VERY strong grounding effect on the body - It places an energetic boundary between you and other people, so you don't pick up on their energies.

When placed in the four corners of a room, it seals the room with a protective shield.

Unlocks energy blockages within your body or space.

Great for healers.

Removes negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy.

Releases stress.

Good for your immune system, arthritis, spinal and muscular disorders.

Helps to disconnect from obsessive behaviour.

Helps to regulate your bodies electrical system.

Improves the vibration of the air wherever it is placed.

Great to work with for meditation, releasing negativity, self-doubt or any feelings of anxiety.

Does not require cleansing as it transmutes negative energy to positive. Tourmaline by itself transmutes negative energy to positive.

Sleep with one under your pillow to cleanse your etheric body and the room whilst you sleep.

Birthstone of Capricorn.

Highly piezoelectric (Is the charge that builds up in some solid materials such as crystals, bone and DNA as a response to applied pressure) and pyroelectric (the ability of some materials to generate a temporary voltage when heated or cooled) also rich in sodium iron minerals.

Increases physical vitality

When worn in the aura, they create a shield around the wearer that deflects energy.

Great for grounding and working with the Earth Star chakra - below your feet and the Root chakra.

Emits a vibratory frequency that surrounds the wearers energy space.

It guides you on The Divine Path of Light, Hope and acceptance.

Stimulates the nervous system of the spine, which can encourage the healing of MINOR back complaints.

One of the benefits of Black Tourmaline with Mica, is that as well as transmuting the energy to positive, it is said to return the energy back to sender - With a lesson attached to it... When the energy returns to sender, it has an effect on them which makes them take a step back and cease all forms of attack! Only if it has inclusions of Mica! Combine with Fire Agate for a real punch of power!

Strong EMF protection crystal.


crystal muse by Heather Askinosie & Timmi Jandro

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