Black Pepper by Gypsy Willowmoon

Piper nigrum. Ruling planet - MarsElement -FireGender - Male Protection, exorcism, jealousy, negativity, strength, confidence, gossip.

Black Pepper is native to India. Black pepper found in Europe, The Middle East & Africa comes from the Malabar Coast, Kerala. It has been valuable as a trading commodity since Alaric I, King of Visigoths, demanded 3,000 lb of it as a ransom during his siege of Rome between 410 - 408 BC. It held a high price in The Middle Ages, where it was called Black Gold - A surf could buy his freedom with 1 lb of black pepper. It was a major incentive for the Portuguese to find a sea route to get to India - The price fell after a passage around The Cape of Good Hope was found in 1498. In Britain it was heavily taxed from the 17th & 19th centuries.

Peppers virtues as a digestive were early recognised in the west, it has a long history of medicinal use in Ayurvedic & Chinese healing systems.

Pliny The Elder said in Natural History that both pepper & ginger grow wild in their respective countries, and yet here we buy them by weight - Just as if they were so much Gold or Silver.

A perennial climber, can grow up to 20 ft., with strong woody stems, oval shaped, prominently veined, dark green leaves. It has discrete drooping spikes of white flowers, followed by long clusters of spherical green fruits or berries, which redden as they mature. Black pepper corns are produced from whole fruit, picked and dried in the sun, just as it begins to turn red. A pungent, stimulating digestive which relieved flatulence.Also used as a gargle for sore throats.

In magic Black pepper is used for protection or to banish negativity. It is used a lot in Hoodoo, where it is present in War Water, Hot Foot Powder, Black Salt, Goofer dust & Crossing Powder. It can be used in medicine bags or sachets or witch bottles & amulets. Good for releasing jealous thoughts & feelings. Good for boundary protection & to repel negative energies.For extra Oomph, mix black pepper with chilli powder & paprika.

If you have a visitor whom you do not wish to return to your home, just after they leave, throw a pinch of black pepper mixed with salt after them, to stop them returning.

Good to use in confidence spells. Add to amulets for protection against The Evil Eye. Burn black pepper to rid the home or office of bad energies, or before moving into a new home. Carry with you to ward off petty jealousy. Helps in situations when you need courage. For something unusual try combining with red rose in incense - Venus & Mars complimenting each other. Helps to focus and clarify thoughts.

Sprinkle black pepper in your shoes to protect you from walking in a Foot Track Trick, someone may leave for you. This is also known as poisoning through feet. )O( Gypsy Willowmoon Xx Sources:

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