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Black Moon by Thia

Originally published 29 September 2016

A new moon occurs when the moon passes through the same part of the sky as the sun, and therefore the moon’s dark side is facing the Earth – so all new moons are black moons.

However, every 32 months or so something pretty cool happens. We have a Black Moon.

A Black Moon indicates the 2nd new moon in a month, or the 4th new moon in a quarter (like a Blue Moon is for the full moon). The last time this happened was in March of 2014. This upcoming Black Moon is pretty interesting because it will be a Black Moon for the Americas on September 30th. However, because the new moon hits at 8:11 PDT on the East Coast, it will actually be the first new moon for Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceana. So the black moon for Europe will be on October 30 and in Asia and Oceana it will be on Samhain! From the astrological perspective, a new moon represents planting a seed, as it is in the darkness that the seed experiences before it blooms. It is also a time to go within, to trust your intuition, and to pay attention to spiritual insights, intuition and emotions. With two new moons in one month these aspects are even more pronounced. This is a really good time to release and let go of old thought patterns and habits so new energies and experiences can emerge. Black Moons emphasize the female energy and are a time of awakening and clarity. You may find energy, emotions and feelings are intensified during this time. They often bring a powerful change in direction or a turning point in your life. From the magical perspective it is a good time to go within, de-clutter your mind, and spend time in silence. You and also let go of bad habits, start a new creative endeavor or a new project. It is a good time to look for new jobs and go house hunting if needed. This is also a good time for beauty, health and self-improvement. You can work with new moon energy from the day of the new moon up to three days after. September’s Black Moon is filled with positive aspects and lots of opportunities. Even the days leading up to the Black Moon are favorable. Keep the following in mind for September’s Black Moon: 1. If you have been wanting to release old habits and change things going on in your life, September’s Black Moon will help you out. 2. If something you have been struggling with has been cloudy, you will find it is clearer after this Black Moon. You may want to wait to make any big decisions until you see what this Black Moon brings you. 3. Opportunities that show up prior to, during and just after this moon will be beneficial and will bring you peace, clarity and a sense of hope. 4. You may see a leap in creativity and inspiration, especially for your artistic side. 5. You may be able to move on from something that was keeping you stuck. You will find the ability to find clarity, let it go and move on. This will result in new beginnings that will be beneficial to you. 2016 is a year of completion. We can use the Black Moon energy to release with grace, and use the endings to feel liberated as we prepare for whatever new energy is in store for us. The next time that two new moons will fall in the same month for the Western Hemisphere will be in July of 2019.

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