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Bay by Sue Perryman

Bay - Laurus nobilis

Planet : Sun Sign: Aries, Leo Element: Fire Gender : Masculine

Magical Properties: Protection, purification, strength, power, healing, creativity, spirituality, psychic powers.

Bay leaves can be used for any of the properties above, but I am concentrating on spiritual growth today.

Bay is an evergreen tree that is native to countries around the Mediterranean region where it can grow to about 60 ft.. It does grow in the UK, but usually as a small tree in a pot, although in the ground it can grow to around 25 ft. It is also known as a Laurel tree.

In ancient Greece, Bay was sacred to Apollo, the god of poetry, the Sun, and healing. Legend tells that Eros, the god of love shot a golden arrow at Apollo and a lead one at Daphne. He fell in love with her, but she didn't return his feelings and fled from him. As he was about to ravish her she prayed to the gods for help and was transformed into a Laurel tree. Apollo chose the tree for his own and wore a wreath of bay leaves in Daphne's honour.

Priestess's in Delphi chewed bay leaves and used them as incense to attain visions ( I would stick to the incense )

Dried bay leaves can be used as an incense while meditating, doing any magical work or using any form of divination to enhance your psychic powers and spiritual connection.

Make a cushion or use a small organza bag and fill it with bay leaves. Keep it under your pillow at night to enhance prophetic dreams.

Bay can be drank as a tea, but you may need a drop of honey to sweeten it as it has a rather strong bitter taste.

Bay laurel oil is generally a non-irritant, but it may cause dermititis in some people. If you are going to wear it on your skin or add it to a bath do a patch test first and dilute it with a base oil to be on the safe side.

Bay leaves can be added to psychic herb jars along with other herbs associated with psychic and spiritual energies, such as : cinnamon, cloves, sage, ginger, mugwort, thyme and yarrow. Fill the jar with the herbs until it's about 3/4's full, pop on the lid and before you do any psychic or spiritual work give it a gentle shake and inhale the scent.

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