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Bath bombs to fill with your intention by Heather

Yes in the picture those are bath bombs, not cupcakes. I find using the silicone trays easier on my hands than the ‘normal’ round moulds, they just might not look so pretty.

So why make these when there are lots on the market? It could be you want to know what ingredients and quality of these that are in them; it is more economical to make them; they are fun to make and as you combine the ingredients you can charge them with a magical intention.

I have been playing around with various ‘recipes’ for making your own bath bombs, there are many when you search, however some of them even when followed exactly, make the mixture too wet, so it starts to fizz immediately, so I ended up with something that looked like a white volcanic eruption!

The one below is by far my favourite and gives consistently good results, with their magical properties:

8oz/230g bicarbonate of soda – cleansing, healing, protection 4oz/115g citric acid – cleansing, banishing, joyful 4oz/115g corn flour/starch – abundance, luck, prosperity, fertility 4oz/115g dead sea salt – cleansing, prosperity, luck, purification, protection ¾ tbs water – emotional stability, joy, life 2 ½ tbs oil of your choice - almond, rapeseed, olive etc. – properties will also depend on the plant the oil has come from, but in general prosperity, passion, calming 50 drops essential oils – optional, properties will be determined by which you use 4 tbs dried herbs and/or flower petal – optional, properties will rest on which used Combine all the dry constituents, making sure there are no lumps.

Measure out the water and oil into a jar, put the lid on and shake to mix (this is where you also add essential oils if you are using them.

Slowly add the fluid to the dry mix, a few drops at a time, mixing thoroughly as you do so (I found a hand whisk was the best for this).

Once all combined press the mixture very firmly into whichever moulds you decide to use, place these in a warm dry place for about 24 hours.

Release them from the moulds and store in a tin or box, ready for your next bath.

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