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Basil by Sue Perryman

Basil - Ocimum basilicum

Planetary ruler: Mars

Element: Fire

Gender: Male

Magical properties: Wealth, money, prosperity, exorcism, protection, happiness, peace

There are several different varieties of basil including: Bush, Greek, sweet, Thai, cinnamon, purple, lemon and mint. Grow indoors in Britain on a sunny windowsill where it will also deter flies. It can be grown outside during the summer, but won’t survive British winters.

Basil has many connections with love. Rubbing the leaves on your skin is said to attract love, it will also help to repel mosquitos.

Giving a gift of basil is said to bring good luck and happiness to a new home.

Wear or carry a sprig of basil to attract love or wealth. Keep a basil leaf in your purse to attract money or if you own a business keep one in the till. An infusion of basil can be used to wash your front door and floors to bring protection, happiness and prosperity to your home.

Another name for basil is Witch's herb, it was said that witches drank basil juice before flying on their broomsticks. The dried leaves can be added to incense to aid in astral projection, protection, happiness, peace and purification.

Basil is a herb of death and immortality. It brings courage to those facing death, particularly the symbolic death of initiation. This also makes it a good herb for a Lughnasadh celebration when the Lord in his prime, prepares for his sacrifice.

Lughnasadh incense

2 parts Frankincense

1 part basil

1 part rose petals

1 part mugwort

Sources: A KitchenWitch's World of Magical Herbs and Plants - Rachel Patterson Herbcraft - Anna Franklin & Susan Lavender

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