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Aura Quartz by Ness

Last but not least in the three crystals is Aura Quartz.

This crystal has a totally different energy than the other two – it has a softer, almost ‘transparent’ feel to it. It has a mirror like sheen to it, so I would work with it for looking within myself, what needs working on? - spiritually, for my greater good?

Aura Quartz is a quartz that has been coated in a metal such as gold, indium, titanium or copper. This is done as a very high temperature. Aura Quartz is known by many names such as Angel Aura, Aqua Aura Quartz, Tangerine Aura Quartz, Aurora Quartz and Rainbow Quartz to name a few.

Aura Quartz is a high vibrational stone and it has very positive energies of joy, happiness and all-round good feelings. The energies from Aura Quartz are said to do just that – place a protective shield around your aura, protecting you from negative energies and feelings of anxiety, doom and general mental fog.

It is said to assist with goals and dreams reminding you that nothing is unattainable. Meditating with Aura Quartz will increase you daily energy and lift your mood.

Because Aura Quartz has such a high vibrational energy, it can be too much for some people to handle and it is suggested that grounding crystals are work with alongside this crystal to balance those energies out.

It is a crystal that can purify and align all chakras as well as being a transformer crystal which can aid in changing something in your life to something more desirable.

It is beneficial for the immune system promoting the smooth running of your bodily functions as you work with it. It aids in clearing constipation and other digestive issues.

Aura Quartz is very often used by Reiki and reflexology practitioners.

Work with it for spells for love, friendship, relationship issues of any kind. For inspiration, new ideas, healing, creativity and money matters.

Planet: Moon and Sun

Zodiac: Aries

Element: Air

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