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Ash by Sue Perryman

Ash - Fraxinus excelsior

Ruling Planet : Sun/Neptune Element: water/fire Gender: Masculine

Magical Properties: protection, prosperity, dispels negativity, healing, sea magic, dreams, love, intuition.

The ash is a beautiful tree with grey bark and the distinctive ash keys ( seeds) which appear in autumn. It is often found growing near water and can reach to a height of 148 ft. It is native to northern Europe and the British Isles.

In Norse mythology Yggdrasil, the world tree that links the realms of existence is an ash tree. Odin or Woden hung from an ash tree to gain the secrets of the Runes and enlightenment. Ash trees feature in the creation myths of many ancient cultures.

Ash is called Nion in the Celtic tree Ogham and is seen as holding the key to universal truth. It reminds us that everything is connected. In the celtic tree calender that some traditions follow ash is the 3rd month.

In ancient Greece ash was sacred to Poseidon, god of the oceans. The goddess Nemesis carried an ash branch as a symbol of divine justice. An ash wand is perfect for sea rituals as well as healing magic.

Place a few ash leaves in a bowl of water by your bed and leave overnight for protection against illness. Discard the water the following morning and repeat every night with fresh water.

A circlet of ash twigs worn around the neck was thought to help cure snake bites! do seek medical help though.

In the past ash trees were believed to cure rickets. The child would be passed through a cleft in the chosen tree and afterwards the tree and and child were thought of as having a sympathetic bond.

Ash trees were said to cure warts. A pin was used to prick the wart and then inserted into the trunk.

Keep ash leaves under your pillow or add them to a dream pillow for prophetic dreams. Carry them with you to attract the opposite sex.

Ash leaves can be placed in the four corners of your home and under your door mat for protection, and a piece of ash wood can be kept above your front door to keep negativity away.

Carry a small piece of ash wood with you when travelling on water to protect you from drowning.

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