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Apophyllite by Vanessa Armstrong

A visit to the Crystal Shop in my local town led me to purchase a crystal that I hadn't heard of before - Apophyllite.

I was attracted to this silvery grey cluster with Its many points and facets which glinted in the sunlight. I picked it up and felt a very strong energy - almost a light headedness and a feeling that I get while in deep meditation. I don't always buy a new crystal on the first go unless it’s one that I'm particularly seeking but this one definitely had a hold on me, so home it came.

I have attached a photo so that you can see it, but it doesn't do it justice - it is just stunning!

Apophyllite is a crystal that is found in Mexico, the USA, Canada, India, Germany and Japan and surprisingly, Scotland and Northern Ireland too.

Its colours can be clear, white, pale lilac, pink, green or brown. My specimen is a silvery grey colour, but I think it's the opaque white that gives it the hue.

When I first purchase a crystal that is new to me, I like to hold it and get a feel for its properties and what thoughts I get from it. As I said, I felt a light headedness and a strange feeling, almost like that I wasn't quite in this reality. I first read that Apophyllite is a crystal that is connected to the angels. I personally don't work with the angelic realm, but this is the second crystal that I've bought with a connection to angels, so I'm guessing they there is a message there somewhere. I'm sure all will become apparent.

Apophyllite is also a crystal that connects you with your spirit guides and sharpens your intuition. Hmm, I'm sure that there is more to it than has a lovely energy, more solid and it has quite a hold on me. Ah! That explains it. 

Apophyllite has a high-water content which makes it very efficient in conducting energy and is also a carrier of the Akashic Record - something that has intrigued me for a long time! This golf ball sized crystal will enhance the energies of the room it’s in, as it is a powerful vibrational transmitter. With regards to the connection of spirit guides, it is able to keep a connection between the physical and spiritual realm. It acts like a 'go between' - if you like - holding firmly onto one realm with one hand and the other with the other hand - passing messages from one to another. This allows the person who is working with the spiritual realm to receive clear messages and to use their intuition. This clear insight also allows the user to work with this crystal on a personal basis too - it lets them look at their own behaviours and to break down flaws and trust in their own abilities letting the truth be shown. Apophyllite is a calming crystal - yep, I get that too! - despite the strong energy, its very relaxing, not at all a stone that gives you that high energy, 'gotta-do-everything-now' type.

Sit and hold a piece of this crystal and allow it to calm and ground you - let go of your worries and fears.

It is a wonderful crystal to use if you're a crystal healer or a Reiki healer. As it takes the person receiving the healing into a deep relaxed state, this opens up the connection and allows the crystal to almost do the work for the healer by way of transmitting its energy to the patient by itself.

Apophyllite can be worked with on the respiratory system, helping with asthma attacks, allergies that affect the ears, nose and throat.

It can also be useful in the treatment of eye problems - soothing tired eyes and any other problems related to vision.

Obviously, it is a great reliever of stress, anxiety and the problems that those bring. Relaxed and rested, the body is able to promote positive thinking and enhanced clarity.

Apophyllite can useful in magical workings too for prosperity and abundance. It is said to boost your earning potential, and allows you to see a good deal quicker than anyone else!

Everywhere that I researched recommended this crystal as a 'must have' for working with on a daily basis - its high energies are said to be able to start your day with positivity and good energies. I’m quite liking the sound of that!

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