Ancestral Apple Blessing by Gypsy

This is an ancestral apple blessing that I like to work with each Samhain

Supplies needed :

Photograph(s) of chosen ancestor(s),

Apples, number dependant on ancestors honouring,

Tea lights,


Spoon/knife to carve apple into candle holder,

Ancestors favourite drink, photo etc

Ancestral altar.

To begin, arrange your ancestral altar, however you would like it to be.

When you are satisfied with your altar, you can then prepare to meditate.

Get yourself comfortable, if you are using an ancestral item for connection - hold it to strengthen the connection. Next, call your ancestor(s) in to your space. Say something like, "I ask to connect to my energy, I would like to honour your life and our ancestral connection."

Sit in meditation with them , until you feel the connection begin to fade.

Then, pick up your apple,hold it up to the moon, whilst saying " I dedicate this apple to my ancestor_____________ .

Sit with the apple by your ancestral altar, and begin to share your memories of them, out loud or in your head.

When you have finished speaking, you can either, throw your apple on to the fire to burn or if you are crafty, you can fashion the apple into a candle holder to fit a candle inside and place on your altar.

You can keep this ritual sweet and simple or you make this into a full Ancestral line ritual, working through your whole family tree.

~ Gypsy

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