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Amazonite by Sue Perryman

Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Chakra: Heart and Throat

Birthstone: Virgo

Magical energies: Success, gambling, luck, prosperity, courage, truth

Amazonite is a member of the Feldspar family of minerals, it gets its beautiful blue-green colour from small amounts of lead and water and often has white, yellow and grey particles. A soft stone, it fractures easily so care must be taken when handling or storing it. This crystal gets its name from the Amazon river which is one of the main places it is found, but it is also found in Colorado, India, Madagascar, Namibia and Russia.

This beautiful stone has been used in jewellery and as a talisman of luck and prosperity since ancient times. The seventh chapter of the Egyptian Book of the Dead was engraved on Amazonite and an Amazonite ring was found amongst Tutankhamun’s treasures. It was also believed to be the third stone in the breastplate of the Jewish High Priest and to have adorned the shields of the formidable Amazonian tribe of warrior women, said in Greek mythology to be the daughters of Are's and Harmonia.

I've been carrying a natural piece of Amazonite around with me for the last few days, it has a subtle, gentle and soothing energy that is said to calm the nerves and bring peace when feeling troubled, alleviating worries, anger and irritability and will help those who fear confrontation and judgement from others.

As a stone of truth and courage, Amazonite assists those who have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings clearly, it dispels negative energy and enables one to see both sides of a problem, becoming more tolerant and compassionate towards others. It will balance masculine and feminine energies and many personality issues and can aid in manifesting Universal love.

Amazonite heals and opens the heart and throat chakras, it encourages one to speak the truth in their heart, aligning your thoughts and actions and connecting with your inner knowledge; it can increase self-respect, especially in women, and can reduce tendencies to self-neglect, it can enhance loving communication on all levels.

Like other Turquoise and green stones, amazonite can help with strengthening physic skills and intuition. Sleeping or meditating with this stone can bring awareness and understanding of dreams and visions, and as a stone of truth you can trust any images or thoughts that surface while working with it.

Physically, Amazonite has a powerful filtering action and can block geopathic stress, absorb microwaves and emanations from cell phones; place it beside computers, laptops and microwaves or tape a small one to the back of your cell phone.

Amazonite is said to aid in healing many conditions. It can ease the pain of rheumatism, gout, muscle spasms and arthritis; it can help with calcium deficiency, throat and thyroid problems and nerve and neurological issues. It can also support those recovering from illness, encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Hold Amazonite to calm your nerves and bring you peace when feeling anxious or stressed.

This crystal can help when you need to focus, perfect for when your studying or taking exams.

Amazonite is a lucky charm and has been used by gamblers to attract money; keep beside you when filling out competition forms or for all matters that need luck and success or make a lucky charm bag by adding 3 amazonites and a small amount of cinnamon and Basil to a small drawstring bag or pouch.


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image - Wikipedia

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