A Yule spell to honour and respect by Gypsy Willowmoon

Hey Guys!

I don't know about you, my family celebrations can get a bit noisy and hectic, especially at this time of year...

So, this year I have written a spell to counteract the gossip, ill feeling and jealousy that can sometimes seep out at family events to keep the atmosphere happy and light.

This is a 2-part spell, working with candle magic and magic powder to sprinkle at the front and back door of the party.

The dictionary definition of honour is: To regard with respect.

Which is exactly what we want at a family party, fun, laughter, and respect for all whom attend physical or spirit...


Black pepper - Negativity, gossip and confidence.

Cardamom - Uplifting, protection, love and clarity.

Lavender - Peace, happiness, love, protection, and strength.

Bay leaf - Power and success

Candles - 2 white candles tealights or rolled beeswax.

For the magic powder -

Sugar, 1 tsp - To aid in life's sweetness

Salt, 1 tsp - Protection

Cardamom, 1 tsp - as above

Lavender, 1 tsp - as above

Black pepper 1 tsp - as above.

Gather your supplies.

Fill the herbs with your intent then sprinkle them around the candle near the wick but not over it, or inside if working with rolled beeswax candles, saying the spell above at the same time.

Then light your candle (I work with rolled beeswax candles, as you can warm them in your hands adding your herbs into the rolls before resealing with your hands).

Burn one candle at home before attending the party, visualising on how you would like the party atmosphere to be etc...

Take the other with to light at the party.

Magic Powder:

Fill each item with your intent, then grind into a fine powder, saying the spell above as you do so.

Then sprinkle at the front and back door of the party.

Before you attend the party meditate for 5 minutes working with your visualisation skills, to focus on how you want the party to flow.

)O( Gypsy Willowmoon Xx

Photo by Jan-Henrik Franz on Unsplash

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