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12 Days of Yule - Day Eleven

Every day for the 12 days leading up to Yule, we will be posting some ideas for crafts, spells and other witchy things to do in this festive season. We would love for you to join in and post your photos in the comments on our Facebook groups.

Clay Owl by Ness

A quick idea to make a clay owl for your Yule Trees.

You will need:

A small ball of air drying clay in whatever colour you are drawn to. Or you could use white and paint it if you wish.


Roll the clay into a ball about the size of a golf ball.

Flatten the ball into a circle

Using a cap from a marker pen, or a straw, indent 'U's onto half of the circle. This is to represent feathers on the body.

Fold the two sides in so they meet in the middle of the circle. This is the wings of your owl.

Fold the top of the circle down over the folds in the middle. This will be the owls head. Shape the top a little bit to form its ears.

Using the market cap again, or a straw, indent into the head to form eyes. You will also need to need to form a beak. If you want to hang your owl up, you will need to make a hole at the top of his head with a meat skewer or similar..

Have a little play around with your owl to get the shape that you are happy with.

Let your owl dry and either paint or you can add glitter or beads to it before drying.


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